HS: Ligeia Azarel Picture

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie; Ligeia Azarel (c) Me

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Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie; Ligeia Azarel (c) Me

Name: Ligeia Azarel
Title: Thief of Mind
Age: 6.46 Alternian Solar Sweeps (14 Earth years)
Screen Name: melodiousOmen
Typing Style: Capitalizes the first and last letter of every word. Often speaks in an articulate manner. Switches "T" with "+".
Strife Specibi: MakeupKind; ScytheKind
Fetch Modus: Diary
Relations: Whale Mom (Lusus/Sprite); The Siren (Ancestor - Deceased); Naunet Azarel (Dancestor); Kundal Shakti (Moirail)
Land of: Labyrinths and Melody
Likes: Music, Dark Literature (Edgar Allen Poe)
Prospit/Derse: Derse

An avid reader of Dark Literature, Creative, Stubborn, (Often) Loud, Short-tempered, Passionate (if shown)

Height: 152 cm (5’0”); 168 cm (5’6”)
Weight: 38 kg (84 lb.); 54 kg (120 lb.)

Ligeia Azarel, also known by her Trollian handle melodiousOmen, is a Sea Dwelling troll. She is associated with the zodiac sign, Aquarius. However, she does not carry the Aquarius symbol. Her symbol is a sideways sixteenth note and both horns curve into a hook, resembling the top an eighth note.

Her name is derived from Ligeia, Greek name derived from the word ligeios, meaing “clear-toned” or “shrill whistling voice.” In mythology, this is the name of one of the Sirens. Her last name, Azarel, is the Hebrew name meaning “God has helped” or “whom God helps.” In the bible, this is the name of many characters, including a son of Bani, one of King David’s warriors, and a priest and musician.

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Ligeia is a sea dweller and a member of a very high caste. The typing quirk she uses (capitalizing first and last letters) is a reference to music terms, meaning the beginning and end of each line. She alternates the letter, T, with a plus sign.

Ligeia dresses very conservatively, showing very little skin as possible by wearing a black turtle neck, long purple skirt, black short-sleeved dress shirt, brown belt (signaling the beginning of her skirt line and end of the shirt line), and black boots with dark violet edging. She has two sets of piercings: left eye brow and ears/fin-like protrusions. Her hair is short in the back, stopping at about her shoulders and layered. The front is styled with a semi-long bang nearly covering her left eye, with a side bang on the right side, and two shoulder-length strands on both sides. She has small curls sticking out on both sides, showing how layered he hair really is.

She wields “Moonlight Sonata”, a weapon Eridan Ampora found in a ghost ship along with Vriska Serket’s Fluorite Octet, and his Arab’s Crosshairs. It is a double-bladed scythe, the blade black with pale lavender edging on both blades.

Ligeia’s hive appears to be the ruins rocks shaped in a skull, lodge upon jagged rocks on a small island. This shows that Ligeia is comfortable with breathing air and being on land, despite her fin or gill-like facial protrusions. In fact, she spends the vast majority of her time above water, despite the garden (sea weed and coral reef) underneath her hive.

Her ancestor is The Siren, a sea dweller whose beauty and singing voice often attracted other trolls. However, the trolls would soon find themselves sliced in two by her Moonlight Sonata.

Ligeia’s lusus is a whale. Due to its size, she can ride on its back as a meaning of transportation for errands.
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