Blue Lust Picture

Photograph taken for the seven deadly sins contest (lust)

Description of the chosen things:
Pocahontas Sweater: like many other Disney stories, the princess of the story desires to see new things and know more, she had the true lust for life. The sweater is for a little child, and goes along with the pants for a young boy, children are results from some lust, as well as they have a lust for adventure and answers
Ceramic jar: the desin on it is mermaids frolicing around in the ocean. In Greek mythology, the sirens were sometimes dipicted as mermaids that would lure men to them with the sound of their voice.
Ceramic bowl with candle: The unlit candle and water surrounding it signifies the burning desire caused from lust doused by an outside, uncontrollabel force.
The candy dish with a floppy disk: The dish used to belong to my Bubbie Elane, and always had candy in it to fill the desire for something sweet. It holds a floppy disk to signify today's societey's lust for knowledge, and constantly making things more advanced.

Pocahontas (c) Disney
Photograph taken by me using an older digital camera from when I was in fifth grade (just graduated HS)
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