Samodiva Picture

This is my second attempt at drawing a human-style character. My first attempt was a drawing of Naomi Armitage from the anime Armitage, but it turned out less than desirable.

I've been reading up a lot on Slavic mythology lately and this is one being that stuck out to me. She is called a Samodiva, a Bulgarian water spirit. They aren't hostile creatures like Sirens or Mermaids, which is why I kind of like them. They are said to emerge at night and dance until dawn. Lost travelers who encounter them sometimes join in their dance only to perish from exhaustion by dawn.

I drew this one partially based upon Wikipedia's description, which is as follows:

Samodivas are commonly depicted as ethereal maidens with long loose hair, sometimes also with wings. They are dressed in a shirt and a gown, and have a green belt and a sleeveless jacket on, their garments decorated with feathers by means of which they can fly like birds.

As you can see I opted out of giving her wings because that would just make her too much like an angel. I also opted out of the feathered garments because I wasn't quite sure how to go about pulling that off.

Anyway, some proportions are off but in general I think this is good for a first attempt at drawing people. I'm usually absolutely terrible at drawing human characters.
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