Misery High StudentApplication Picture

Name: Aglaia Calypso


Grade (if a student): 10th

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation/role: Student

Era of death (if ghost/undead) : N/A

Cause of death (if ghost/undead) : N/A

Orientation: Straight as a ruler

Relationship status: Dating Nathan Ilsempxe [link]

Likes: Books, Art, Rules, Mythology, Ghosts, Technology

Dislikes: People who break the rules, people who abuse books, people who tear down trees

Personality: A little quiet, tends to stay away from people, but never, ever get her angry...

Bio: Born to two parents who are all about business, little Aglaia found sanctuary in books. She developed a taste for fantasy, and the paranormal. She was born on the island of Samos, Greece. When she gets angry, which is rare, she starts shouting curses in Greek, and tends to throw whatever she has at hand, namely books. After her parents moved to Amity Park, they enrolled her in the most expensive school they could find. Aglaia being shy, probably won't make a lot of friends. Since her arrival, there have been reports of two new ghosts roaming the school. Could she perhaps have brought them accidently from Greece? We may never know...

Greek Ghosts:

The Siren: [link]

Icarus: [link]
Continue Reading: Sirens