Totensingen Picture

We had to create our own Wesen from the show Grimm, so this was mine.

We also needed a back story.

A Totensingen (Germ. tödlich “deadly”, singen “sing”) is a rare Wesen that resembles a Siren (Greek mythology) and a mermaid. Totensingen are known for their wailing screech that depletes after they use it. Eventually, their voice completely goes away. It is also well known for its beautiful melodies that have the ability to attract and seduce.

Totensingens are friendly but are prone to extreme jealousy and are quite territorial. Their goal is to continue their species and to prevent extinction, and they will go to great lengths to protect other Totensingen. They are found in packs of 8-10. They don’t have any allies, and don’t have an exact enemy. Anyone who appears as a threat to them is considered an enemy. Totensingen are killed with normal methods (gun, stabbing, etc.).

On the fifth birthday of a Totensingen, a huge celebration is thrown because it developed its voice. Due to the late development of its only weapon, children are prone to being killed by other Wesen.

Totensingen always lived in the North Sea by Germany. When large ships started to go to other parts of the world like England and Spain, the Totensingen would sneak on the ship and travel to these far away places, and spread their species across the globe.

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