With No Motivation Picture

Yay, I finally finished this picture!

Here's (ex-)Prince Roch~ I'll start off by saying my original inspiration for this character was Daniel Franco from Project Runway. Unfortunately, while he's an excellent tailor, Roch didn't turn out nearly as sweet. He's friendly and carefree, but he's a lazy opportunist. He's Catoir's Bishop, but his views of him are basically OHAYSCAPEGOAT. Then there's his pet Mathieu on his shoulder that he never goes anywhere without. He's the Marquis of his litter box. <3 More peaceful expressions for this one, but he's pretty laid back so it works. andihatehiseyestheywouldnotworkasdf

The mythological bird I gave him was a gamayun. They were like the sirens in the sense that they were large birds with the heads of a women, but they were much more benevolent. As far as powers go they were prophetic birds of wisdom, so I'm shooting for something similar~ It was so awkward trying to mesh a female head on a bird body and make it look nice like I wanted to, but I think it turned out pretty okay. 8D; Sorta.
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