Nelly, the machiavellistic Nixie (in kelpie form) Picture

I'm working on a mini series about the personifications of the Dark Triad/Tetrad personality disorders but with PONIES. Actually, more of mythology than ponies since they don't really know they are the personifications.

Anyways, this is Nellsa, nicknamed Nelly (hahah lockness sea monster ref) and she is the personification of Machiavellism, something I score 70% of in the official test. She is a Neck/Nixie, meaning she has a slight german accent. Nixies are female Necks and are "water spirits". She can shapeshift and lure people in with music like a Siren, but sirens can only be perceived as different forms, not actually become another form. All the ponyfications of the Dark Triad/Tetrad are notorious baddies that murder ponies and Nessy's preferred murder method is to drown unsuspecting ponies by luring them in to meet her and after a short moment of torture and mind games, she drowns them.

Yeah, I'm not that good at making OCs.

Anyways, I never really drew her since I never decided what her mane should look like, but I was bored and stressed out yesterday to TA-DAH. Her mane is always constantly wet, since she enjoys swimming in her free time.

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