Myself as a Mermaid Picture

My screen name "seireenko" comes from "seireen" (SAY-rain) which is the Greek pronunciation of "siren."

When you go to my livejournal , you'll notice that the "seireen" part is written in katakana (used mostly for names or borrowed foreign words) followed by the "-ko" part which is a Japanese for "child." [link]

I got my screen name from Sailor Aluminium Siren, who is one of the Animamates in Sailor Moon Stars. [link] Like Siren-chan, I think of myself as smart and clever as well as a bit ditzy. XD" Also, I find that the sirens are my favorite mythical creatures in Greek Mythology, because of how they lure sailors and anyone who hears them with their singing.

I drew when I first thought that the sirens represented mermaids, but then I read in Wikipedia that they are more like harpies (half-woman, half-bird) [link] Oh well. There's always next time. ^_^;

I drew and colored it in pencil as well as outlined it in pen, even though it doesn't look like it due to me scanning this on the new scanner that doesn't show anything in pencil too well.
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