Fantastic Beasts XLI Picture

Both protective creatures of nature, Trädets, Naiads and Dryads are fascinating creatures to be studied:

* Trädets are the famous shepherds of the forests, also known as the people of the trees; the Tree-Men. Disguise themselves extremely well in the vegetation, leaving still to mix. They are generally peaceful creatures , but if your forest is threatened by Orcs or any other creature, they defend throwing stones, using war clubs of fallen trees or giving blows with the long limbs. The Trädet Maidens are a bit more shy than males, worrying about defending the weakest and most new plants.

* Naiads and Dryads are the nymphs of the rivers and the forest, respectively, represented by beautiful young women. The Naiads tend to be shy and have long blond hair (or even blue), blue eyes and a sweet voice. Dryads are a little more active, with green or chestnut hair , greeneyes as the grass and a siren voice. They are resourceful creatures with magic and can cast Golems (WaterGolems for naiads and of the Forest to dryads)
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