Gel - Girl with the Eye-Patch Picture

Before I say anything,,,,this is not a boy... this is a girl x.x if you can't tell... little girl...

This one was done awhile back o: the only think that really bothers me now looking back on it is more wrinkles in the clothing (ahem,, the pants v.v) and I had to fix her chin at the last minute cause it looked funny x.x
(and I Remembered her name! WOW!)
The story I made behind he was that she pretty much was the daughter of Poseidon, or of some mythical you know what's it. mermaid, siren, You know o: Also on her other eye, it's an eye of a sea monster so she has to hide it behind an eyepatch.
Comment, fav, etc. It is appreciated O: thank you..
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