Sailor, sweet sailor..... Picture

Full title:
Sailor, sweet sailor, would you please come ashore?

So I was working on art....sorta.

Hey lookie there, another background
So this is my representation of the mythical singer, the siren. Nifty, eh?

She got the night shift of luring sailors ashore to their deaths.

Alt. Title (I've been looking at this for over a month, I've had time to think)
Sirens go wee-woo

The right foot (on left side of picture)
The crest of feathers on the head
The rocks
The stars/sky
The shadowing (even though I once again BS'ed the lighting)
The belly x3

The water
The left foot (on right of screen)
The hands (but those are 'cleverly' hidden -.-'

Help desired: possible ways to fix my dislikes, especially the water.
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