Sieren's Song 1 Picture

A song for your swim?

Model: Nickelgirl
Location: Millennium Park, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Camera: Canon Rebel EO
Film: Kodak 400

Well this is the first in a series of pictures I have taken recently. The idea behind it started with the Goth Mad Hatter in the Graveyard. Now I am taking the concept of the Seiren and up dating her... or rather morphing her. Sirens lure sailors to their deaths on rocks and in the sea with their song of beauty so captivating that no man can resist. In my mind they became Divas captivated and manipulative with their own power.
The reason this is in photomanipulation is because I did not do enough with the make-up on her and you couldn't tell that she was even really wearing any. I forgot that the camera sometimes needs more than the subtle. So I 'punched-up' the green on her skin and played with her hair a little bit. I felt it was enough that I could not get away with putting them in the regular photography categories.
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