Queen Medusa Picture

Medusa, Queen of the Gorgons.

In Greek Mythology there were three Gorgons;

Euryale the Fury, a morbidly obese gorgon with tiny wings and eight breasts, who was confined to a room by her inability to move.

Stheno the Might, a rake-thin gorgon with sharp claws and a siren's song, who was able to slip into shadows and cracks in walls.

And Medusa, the Queen of Gorgons, with snakes for hair and eyes that were capable of turning whoever gazed upon her face to stone.

Stheno and Euryale had one eye and one tooth between them, and had to swap it over when the other needed it. Usually they kept one with the tooth and the other with the eye, as assurance that they would get the other back when they needed it.

And I'm well aware that Medusa requires more snakes, but her hair is brushed back and most understandably quite a few of her snakes are behind her back. Also, just because I felt like it, I included mythologically incorrect wings, just for fun. Don't flame it, I have creative license!
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