Where I work.. and avoid responsibility :) Picture

I thought it was time to update my desk shot.

Soooo.. It's numbered not with anything anyone would probably want to know about, but with my favorite things on my desk.. and seriously, I LIVE here from the time I wake up til about an hour before I go to bed every night (aside from eating/bathroom breaks). I work on art all day, when my husband gets home, we eat, chat, and then he goes to his office to work on his art (musician/professional guitar builder/designer), and then an hour or two before we're ready for bed, we meet in the livingroom for cartoons and couch time.. which isn't really couch time- we've got a futon, so we lay it out and grab pillows and laze around under blankets watching tv.

Important thing- this room is never ever this bright. We have black-out curtains through the house (I'm light sensitive), and generally, it's so dark in here that the only light comes from my monitors.. It's really strange seeing everything brightly lit because I never actually see it that way.

Anyway, the numbers!

1. Oh, this card. This is my (framed) Landro's Gift loot card that came with my collector's edition of Cataclysm. This is the card that held my Swift Spectral Tiger
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