Miria Sairin-Crystal Siren Picture

Name: Miri Sairin
Age: 24
Hometown: Little Bohemia, Metropolis
Occupation: Ancient Greek civilization/mythology expert at Metropolis University
Bio: While working on a Greek mythology presentation Miria was unknowingly fused with a ice exobyte and blacked out just before Brainiac abducted her into a harvester ship. There she awoke and busted out of a containment pod finding she'd changed into a crystalline form and could use ice like powers and abilities. With instructions from a mystery man named 'Calculator' Miria fought her way off the ship and even met Lex Luthor and took the offer to work for him. Trained now in martial arts and ice powers she's also found when she sings, her voice enchants the men that hear it. With this discovery she has decided to call herself, Crystal Siren. Miria works under Mr. Luthor to try and better the world, not because she's really evil or wants to be. She views her boss's work with great care, his methods are a tad unethical but he does do a lot of good to try and better the community.

Her main adversary is Keket, the woman she used to know as Rakel Osirian, the Egyptian civilization/mythology expert who she rivaled with about the two cultures they worked on. Working under Lex Luthor Miria hopes Earth will be rid of Brainiac, and hopes to come to some sort of understanding with Keket.

This is one of my oc's from DC Universe Online. The beta closes on January 11th and dad is the one getting the full game. Even without the game I will still have these characters in my heart.

Scene: Standing on top of her apartment building near Metro U.
In game pic: DCU
Character costume put together/back story: Me
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