O Siren, Sing Your Sorrow Picture

This one came out of nowhere. I was watching King of the Hill, and a random one time character made a line about the sirens. Suddenly, I was driven to draw, well, a siren. Then it turned into two sirens. Originally, it would just be one of them, singing on a cliff, in a portrait style picture, not landscape. Then I decided to draw it landscape with just the one. It took me a long time to draw the body, cause I wanted to make it praportional, and knew very easily the body should be seven heads high. But It just didn't look right, and eventually I flipped through a bunch of M.C. Escher art books, and all his figures were only six heads high. Then I looked at some photos, and they concurred, six is the magic number. I checked myself last, and yes, my body concurred as well, so either my art teacher was wrong, or I'm a freak of nature.

So I drew a pretty praportional girl standing there. I then decided for some strange reason to draw another one, only she should be crying. Tell you the truth, I've always felt sorry for the sirens, in some way or another. I have a knight's perspective on women, and I'm never satisfied in seeing a villainess be all bad. So, what if a Siren was lonely, and was only singing to bring someone to be with, but instead the ships were destroyed on the rocks, and their potential lovers killed. That'd be a buzz kill, wouldn't it.

So now that I had an idea of what I was doing, and had two girls drawn, I had to figure out what they'd be wearing. i had drawn the figures without clothes, because I had no idea what a Siren would wear. I was kinda thinking the Samurai Jack sirens at first, which would be like a bikini style outfit with lots of flowing, see through scarves. Then I just ditched the bikinipart. So, they have these cloths covering them, flowing in the wind. Actually, I like the wind effect.

Then the voices in my head told me to color them. I dont know, normally I'd finish a picture, look at the sketch and say it was detailed enough without color, and I'd just leave it. This time, I couldn't do it. I hate coloring, but most of them look so much better colored. It's just time consuming, and all I have is crayola colored pencils. And skies are really hard, which is what this one would have.

So after drawing the figures (and mildly regretting giving the crying siren Ariel colored hair) I drew the background itself. I like the tiles in the front, and the shipwrecks in the back. I actuall had never realized that the rotting hull of a ship very much resembles the rib cage of a skeliton. I think that turned out pretty nice.

Anyways, it took me a long time (all the way through King of the Hill, Still Standing, Without a Trace, the Hot Fuss album, and then half of Origin of Symmetry, so about 3 and a half hours.) I'm actually very proud of the finished product.
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