Isoud Picture

Often, in drawing a character, I can formulize their personality, their attitude. Maybe it's just the costumer in me, since I'm trained to analyize those kinds of things to interpret them into clothes. My roommate and I have been working on a story where most of the characters have some kind of connection to Greek Mythology. My Rachel Bowman picture is one of those characters, she's decended from Sirens. This one, Isoud, is an Amazon, who've been hiding in isolation from the world. Her tribe of Amazons live among trees, there are others who live near mountains, in caves, by the shore, etc...She started off as strictly an archer, but I decided that archery would be a characteristic of her tribe. Her individual characteristic is that she's a healer. However, she's fought against her mother's will her whole life, who wanted her to be a strong warrior.
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