Son of a Siren Picture

This is the son of Pyrate (mine) and Siren (see ~donotremove ), original characters from a Matrix RPG.
For those of you who know of them, he's the second son, born 6 years after the War (and his big sister Orion) and 4 years after his brother Cepheus (AKA Seph). All of Py and Si's living kids are named after constellations; Orion the hunter and Cepheus the king. The astronomical Castor makes up the constellation Gemini with his twin, Pollux. In mythology, Castor was mortal, and Pollux not. My Castor doesn't have a twin, partly cause four kids is too many, and partly cause Pollux is a bollocks name.
He's about 6-7 here. That's a sentinel in his left hand, and a hovership in his right. I know the ship has too many pads - it was drawn without any reference at all. Grr. Just call it extra-buoyant.
On a minor point, his hair is blonde in my head, but I wanted to shade it, so meh. He's a spoilt child, being the youngest.
I like this picture, even though it was drawn in my diary and thus is on lined paper. It was a tough choice between 'scraps' and 'deviations' but I thought - I have worse-drawn pictures than this in my gallery, so here it goes.
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