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Alright, this meme is going around way too much for me not to do it. It might even help me if I run across an art block. It's just a matter of where to begin. If you have the time, please leave behind a comment and let me know what you think!

1.) Disney: Almost every girl at one point in their life has a favorite princess. I loved them all. I even love that they have gone back to the classic drawing animation that made them so popular. Keeping it up Disney.

2.) Gil Elvgren: This man did not only paint pin-ups, he showed that there is sexiness in innocence. If you've ever seen his work, he more than likely has painted a good girl in a bad situation.

3.) ImagineFX: Holy crap, I don't know where I would be without this monthly magazine. Some of my ideas come from here, and some techniques that I've learned have come from here. Thank you all for marvelous art and tutorials.

4.) Rock and Roll: No matter what kind of rock and roll, I've always got it playing in the background while I'm working on a new piece of work.

5, 15, 17, 20.) (In this order) Jane Schimer [link] Abigail Larson [link] Brianna Garcia [link] and slyphiemetallium [link] have all been huge inspirations. They all work beautifully on their anatomy and I look forward to each new art piece that they put up.

6.) Alphonse Mucha: Ever since a discovered a book full of his work, I fell in love. There's symmetry, beauty and timelessness. His line-work is out of this world and I wish I had one of his posters hanging up in my room. Better chalk over so mullah.

7, 19.) (In this order) Kat Von D and Miss Mosh are some drop dead gorgeous women. Kat's a woman that had worked her way up in a man's field while sticking with what she loved, tattoos and portraits. As for Miss Mosh [link] she takes stunning photographs. I swear, she's the new Marilyn Monroe of the modeling world.

8.) Greek Mythology: I have so many books behind the mythology, it might be unhealthy.

9.) Michaelangelo: Everyone knows his work and studies, and if not, learn it quick. I found a book called The Secrets of the Sistine Chapel and was stunned. I'd only suggest it if you were in for a ginormous surprise.

10.) Family and Friends: If I've ever run out of ideas, I tend to turn to my friends. I'll ask for a random adjective or an object and just flow from what they give me.

11, 13.) I love going out to the lake. Watching the sunset there is perfect. The water is so still it's like a mirror. On top of that, lightning storms make me want to huddle in a draw all the more.

12.) Curtis: My best friend for six years and lover for a little over two. He's tossed out several ideas at me and I'm always ready to catch what he throws.

14.) Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx: Motley Crue's Terror Twins. I've read both of their autobiographies and could not believe everything they spilled. These guys dug their own grave, then dug right back out. Thanks guys for showing the insides of a rockstar.

16.) Dragons: These creatures have been collected in my family for a long time in statue and picture form. At some point, I know I'm going to give a tribute to them in some way.

18.) Mermaids: I fell in love with the sirens ever since I saw The Little Mermaid. I love them so much, that I have a tattoo of one in the middle of my upper back. They resemble the purity of my childhood, and some very fond memories.

21.) My cats: The two cats have always been there when I needed them. When I'm off on my own, at least one of the cats are begging for attention or just flat out cuddling.

Now, if you've read all of that, thanks a million times over. If not, I don't blame you one bit haha.
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