Alida Picture

the Alida are for my story set in the world Lias. they pretty much are harpies, but i went a little deeper and did stuff with the anatomy and things. so this is my mock research journal for the species.
their father and mother races are the humans and the Alettevis [link] (just to note, it's an outdated scan, but that's the main gist of it, then add wings)

They are AirxEarth type magic wise

The Alida are based on small birds, mainly songbirds. They range from 4 ft (121.92 cm) to 5 ft (152.4 cm). Anybody taller in their species is like someone being 6.5 ft for us, it's pretty dang tall.

They have a keeled sternum, which is that bump in the middle of their chest. Instead of a collarbone, they have a furcula (wishbone) (I'm still working on that because I'm not completely sure what the furcula does for birds).

They use their feet as hands and have a very flexible neck (like an owl maybe) that they use to hold and interact with things. They also have a skinny tail that can also manipulate things, like a monkeys.

Their whole body is covered in a soft down like hair, kind of like peach fuzz. Their heads are covered by a the same down-like hair, it just grows faster. They have tail feathers cover half of their tails and , of course, on their wings.

Alidas are very intelligent and are considered equal to humans in the story. Just thought i should tell you guys now cause I'm making them sound like total animals in the next few paragraphs.

Alidas spend at least 5-7 years looking for their perfect mate and they spend the rest of their lives together. They are very social creatures and absolutely hate being alone.
I've read all about the birds and how they pair up from this [link] . In this article, they say that swans and a lot of other birds thought to mate for life, actually "divorce" and cheat on each other.
Well, for my story, if they where to do that, the whole community would shun the cheater and there better be a damn good reason for divorce such as abuse. The Alidas inherited "True Love" from an ancient ancestor. Their parent races rarely see this in their own societies.

They lay eggs, so they have no use for boobs. That is all.

Okay, that's not really all, I have even more text for you to read, if you even are reading this.

It takes about 2-3 months for an egg to hatch and the chicks are usually triplets or a single chick.
No, the mother nor the father throw up to feed their young, they feed them like civilized birds. The chicks can eat only soft foods for a year or two, then they can start eating normally.
When the chicks mature, they leave to "discover themselves" with their generation. They usually meet their other half on this journey.
Every few generations, the matured chicks never come back home and that's because they made a new community somewhere else to live.

Alidas live for 120-150 years and their bodies start to break down at 90 years.

They specialize in Air magic and are skilled in Earth magic.
They are hired to make out of country or difficult deliveries if a satyr (the main delivery system in Lias) can't do it. They are also hired to help with Earth magic based jobs. The Alettevis hold the monopoly on Air based jobs, so the Alidas rarely get to see those jobs even though they love it.

They live in large forests with very tall trees. They carve their homes into the trees. They usually just fly around their community, but they built bridges and platforms for visitors.
There is an all female community of Alidas off the coast (based on the sirens from greek mythology). If they need children, they go out to find stray males. If they have a boy, they leave it with the father, if it's a girl, they take her home to raise on the island.

i'm done for now and probably won't come back here to rewrite so this is it. i know i'll redraw it, but not no, i have finals to not study for.
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