Phantom Picture

A picture from Biospark-Siron? What? Preposterous!

Yes, I finally got off my lazy butt and drew this. Incoming information dump!

As the title implies, this creature you see is called a Phantom. Before you ask, yes, they're based off Phantom of the Opera. No, it's not very original.
Although they're called Phantoms, they are not specters, and are members of the ethereal races - creatures who retain a humanoid form but lack skin, bone, and blood to be considered a member of the humanoid races. Phantoms are an exceptionally rare sight, even to the more magically inclined races, and generally make their homes in older theaters (which are often abandoned and surrounded by stories of ghosts). They are often considered spirits of the arts, and have a natural eye for quality and value in an object. In fact, although Phantoms are exceptionally powerful in their domains, being able to summon nearly any object with a thought, they choose to craft or acquire said object by more traditional methods, for to them, an object simply magicked into existence holds no value as no effort of emotion was put into creating it.

Phantoms are shy by nature, and often refuse to show themselves in front of "guests" to their homes. Because of this, many scholars on the subjects of the ethereal races incorrectly assume that Phantoms are cowardly, when the truth is quite the opposite. In reality, they simply prefer to observe rather than act, which often leads them to being many steps ahead of any who are hounding them.

Interestingly, although Phantoms lack any true gender discerning qualities, all of those encountered have had more male inclined voices. They speak in soft, lilting tones that are considered pleasant to the ears, which is to the Phantom's favor, as their voice is one of their most powerful weapons. Phantoms are almost otherworldly singers, and are often compared to Sirens from Greek mythology for their ability to entrance listeners with only a few phrases of song. While their victims are enthralled by their songs, Phantoms can go on the offensive if threatened, and can attack, possess, or even steal their victim's voice.
Wow! Wasn't that a wall of text? If you read it...have a cookie. Heck, have TWO.

Also, since I couldn't fit this in there, no two Phantom's look alike save for the featureless black fabric body. They scavenge all their clothes from their homes, and somehow make them fit together to look either ridiculously snazzy or ridiculously flamboyant.

Another short note, they don't have names. If any of them go by one, it was given to them by someone they know, and they use it only for convenience. They're pretty content with just being called "phantom".

These are not in the same "world" that my Metal Bonders are in, by the way. This is another, more modern fantasy one. Yay.
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