Siren Pony Sketches Picture

The following description is entirely made up by me.

The idea was taken from the sirens in Greek mythology, I've decided that they are related to changelings because they have the ability to shapeshift. They are a race that lives in the darkest corners of the ocean. Siren ponies are known to lure sailors to their death with their sweet song, and devour their souls. They are extremely rare and not many ponies know about them, save the minotaur sailors who have been hunting the creatures for thousands of years.

There is, however, a pony family of sailors known as the Twisters who pass down the knowledge of the shape-shifting race to their children. They, too, are siren hunters, but the secret stays within the family. Stormtwister, son of Wavetwister, hunted and took down more sirens in his time than any other pony hunter in history and has become a legend and is feared by all siren ponies of the deep.

Though siren ponies can change their appearance into any feminine equine shape, the color of their eyes always stays the same, which is what gives them away to the siren hunters. Their eyes are always a combination of three colors, and could be simply considered an extreme case of heterochromia by oblivious ponies.

Despite their ability to shapeshift and live on land, they rarely leave the water unless they are extremely desperate for souls to feed on. Some 'vegetarian' sirens can live off of regular food but they are rare, and only a few have been recorded in siren hunter history.

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