Snow Picture

Is an old chara of mine from forever ago. His name is Snow, I think... It is now anyway...

He is a bitch, he thinks he's the best ever, but he at least knows (sort of) when to be humble, usually to those that have power above his own and he gets haughty when he comes across someone who is immune to his song. He also has a thing for fur... >.>;

He is a siren. At least my version anyway. I didn't know mythology very well and I thought that Sirens were pretty women in the water that sing and lure fishermen and sailors into the water to drown and eat them... But they are bird ladies who lured fishermen and sailors into shipwrecking themselves on rocks with their song... So I wasn't very far off... >.>;;

Anyway, so he may not be an actual siren, but as it goes, that is what I will call him right now?

They have a course, scary voice that is their normal voice and even if they are saying. 'oh yeah, the bread is over there.' It is sounding like they are threatening you or something. The lovely, sweet voice that they use for luring is a cover voice that hurts them when they use it and you are immune to it, you can here the undertone of their real voice.

They live in water, but can go on land so long as they are well hydrated and can keep moist. Their teeth are razor sharp, and their gill things are on the roof of their mouth and their chest and back. They do have both genders instead of being just women, and their song can affect both sides, but there are some people who are just immune to their song.

Snow (c) me

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