SirenSuccubamon Vain Mode Picture

Name: SirenSuccubamon Vain Mode
Level: Xros
Attribute: Virus
Type: Fallen Angel, Demon Lord Digimon
Family: Unknown, Deep Savers, Nightmare Soldiers
Digivolves From: Succubamon Vain Mode + Sirenmon
Siren Kiss, Siren Whip
Deadly Song: To lure her opponents.
Evil Change: She can change into Fallen Angel Digimon.
Succuba Kiss, Black Potion
Death Whip: It drowns it's opponents with her whip.
Water Change: She can digivolve into SirenSuccubamon Queen Mode with her whip.
Siren Hug: To lure her opponents to put her under her spell.
Death Whip Change: Her purple whip changed into MarineDevimon and attacks her opponent.
Water Shoot: Shoots pearls.
Poison Kiss
Name Derivation - Greek Mythology. The sirens were creatures that lured young men to their deaths at sea with beautiful songs. Latin. "Succuba" is short for "succubus," a
type of female demon that lures men into temptation.
Tamer - Rei Tuver

SirenSuccubamon is a Xros form of Succubamon Vain Mode and Sirenmon. SirenSuccubamon became a dark attractive demon when others are seeing over her. She lures the enemy with her beautiful voice and good looks before going on the offensive. The attack Succuba Kiss, seduces others into falling in temptation while deceiving them with sweet kisses and drinks her with her Black Potion to her opponent to lure her opponent to death.

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