5: Mermaid Picture

I'm doing the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge. that I found on tumblr.

This is Day 5, a Mermaid.

The first stories of mermaids in a mythological sense appeared in ancient Assyria. The goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid after accidentally killing her human lover.
They appear strongly in old sailor stories, often known as sirens, which caused shipwrecks and death and destruction to sailors.
Mermaids are also often associated with the Sirens of Greek mythology and with manatees and dugongs, which may have been mistaken for mermaids in the past.

Oh God this drawing. This drawing you guys.

I took a picture of it to colour and whatnot. Couldn't get the light balance right in it, no matter what I did. So I ragequit the whole project for a few days.

I ended up having to redraw the whole thing in GIMP, with my fucking touchpad mouse. And eventually colour it and yeah. That's why the lineart is so bad. Sorry.

She's based on a Siamese fighting fish, which are the coolest fucking fish ever.
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