Erin Picture

Here's my main character of my personal stories. I'm writing a book series that revolves around her and her friends. Remember Miguel, and how I said that I would be drawing my characters? Well, here's another one.


Name: Erin
Age: 15
Birthday: April 29
Height: 5'3
Weight: 124 lbs.
Hair Color: Light Brunett
Eye Color: Hazel
Race: Witch
Aura Color/Scent: Sky Blue/Blueberries
Special Abilities: ... too many to list.

Info: On her 10th birthday, a shield of light surrounded Erin, making it known that she is the legendary Avia Witch fortold in myths. The Avia Witch is the most powerful magical being in the multiverse. She is destined to rule the Otherworld, the gateway of the multiverse for the rest of eternity. As such, she is now a forced princess and with all this power and so many things going on in her life--school in the Mortal World, her music career as her alter ego Erin Starling, homework, chores and boys--Erin hardly has time has any time to practice her newly found powers and have a normal life.

She's very muscular and has to work out to both keep her pubic image good an to train for ... other things.

At the age of 13, Erin's parents were on their way to get divorced when they crashed into an oncoming big rig. Erin's mortal mother died on the scene, but her warlock father vanished without a trace. Now Erin and her two younger sisters are scattered among her aunts, her fathers four sisters. She did not want to leave the mortal world as her sisters did. The only aunt living in the Mortal World was her aunt Donna, so Donna took her in.

As the Avia Witch, Erin's unique DNA contains a feature of all magical/mythological creatures. Example: vampires=super strength, fairies=super speed, enhanced senses, sirens=sonic voice etc. Her signature defensive power is coating her hands with her aura and shooting sharp energy stars at her enemies.

Though Donna tries to teach Erin what she can about magic, Erin's busy schedule gets in the way and prevents lessons. Erin has to learn how to unlock her powers on her own. Since she is the Avia Witch, the future Queen of the Otherworld, she is the one the Magical Congress calls upon to stop the growing chaos of magic happening in the Mortal World. If Erin did not have her friends, she would not be able to do all that she does.

For all the things that she does, Erin usually makes trouble for herself. She always has to know what is going on (so she's nosy). She acts on gut-impulses then thinks of consequences later. Her ego and very short temper cause her to say things that cause more problems than need be. Family is a touchy subject, so it is vital that no ones brings it up. She thinks that the weight of the multiverse is always on her shoulders (which, sometimes she's right). Erin is deathly afraid of losing another person that is close to her. Spiders are another thing she fears. She has a problem with authority and is very sarcastic. Since Erin is new to the whole Avia Witch thing, she can not access all the power she has. Over time, her powers develop but usually do not show up when she needs them.

For the most part, Erin is an athletic and busy girl that tries to have at least a few minutes of normalcy in her 36-hour day. She's a powerful character, but even the most powerful force has its flaws and fears.
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