Morphing : Sea Beauty Picture

TITLE: Sea Beauty

Interest: I am a person who is fond of the color red, in any shade, in any mixture except plain pink. I also love animals and books, mainly about anime and manga stories, pictures, magazines and any reading object. I also love music the most.

Image/s (Purpose of Images): I used a typical fighting fish and a siren. Why I chose these two is because for me, the sea has a lot of colors, thus representing the sense of beauty. A fighting fish has multiple colors, a mixture of warm and cool ones, even though they looked a bit striped on their long fins, which happen to be much similar to a siren’s hair. For me it had a certain purpose, simply showing two creatures signifying the beauty of the sea.

Purpose / Explanation: A fighting fish morphing in to a sea girl or on mythology known as a siren shows how colors represent beauty. By using a tetrad of Red, Yellow Orange, Green and Blue Violet, I was able to display how warm and cool colors would blend and harmonize giving off a fine result. Other than that is because I thought of it pretty interesting. A fighting fish is a beautiful kind of fish itself, so I morphed it into a pretty siren to expose much how beautiful one can appreciate to fishes especially to the exact specie.
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