Murielle Deorwynn OC Sheet Picture


Avalon resident belongs to ~mallykatt

Name: Murielle "Bright Water" Deorwynn

Name Translation: Murielle is Gaelic for "bright as the sea" and Deorwynn means "dear delight". The "Bright Water" bit is for lack of a better word "indian name" (only to be used among the pod) because I thought it would be cool if hippocamps traveled in pods like dolphins, and from there I thought "hey, they should have different pods, like different tribes" and henceforth tribe led to indians then indian names and so on...

Age: 19 (or roughly late teens)
Birth Date: May 20th
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 56 kg
Eyes: Dark Purple
Hair: Lilac with traces of pink
Voice: Speaks in a small Irish Accent
Hails From: Eastern Seas of Ireland, aka "the Irish Sea"

Species: Hippocamp or hippocampus, mythological "sea horses" with brazen hoofs that pulled the chariot of Poseidon. As mentioned earlier, I associated them more with dolphins rather than mermaids...displaying a sense of curiosity and friendliness towards sailors and swimmers, traveling in large families of pods (like regular horses do in herds), and holding a hierarchy of rank led by a dominant hippocamp. But to add some pizazz to the mix... she can transform into a human, SHUH-ZAM!

Powers: Limited water manipulation (because of her youth she still has a lot to learn), a siren or hypnotic-like song used to lure prey, and then all the heightened senses that would come with being a sea creature, including echolocation :3

Dorm: Avalon

Personality: Murielle isn't a very hard character to understand, she is very friendly and acceptive towards others and because she comes from a large group of families she is very social and outgoing and enjoys meeting new people. However, because she has never ventured as far as Elysian on her own she is still adjusting to human culture, although she tries her best to fit in. She is a hard worker, applying herself diligently in her studies and is also a team player, again because of her upbringing.

History: Born into the Kaikune or "strong sea" pod, Murielle has spent all of her life traveling the seas with her closest friends and family. Her mother and father were the once Alpha turned Betas of her pod, and they instilled in her loyalty and service to the pod, and honor above all else. Once she was of age, she was sent to attend Elysian Academy just like her ancestors before her, both to her joy and dismay because of her romantic feelings for the newly appointed Kaikune Alpha male. She holds no grudges however, and so she sets of for Elysian in search of adventure [insert profound swash-buckling music here]!
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