S.D.S Artwork - Villains 1 Picture

The (not main) supernatural villains in my story of my blog ...

Names (not in order)

Ariel Erica
Gabriel Inari
Triel Cerberus
Siren Hydra
Kujaku Magimaster Ira

I did not copy any of these characters but they are inspired by many characters so here's the list (It would not be fair to discredit them so I'll list all the inspirations)

Ariel, Gabriel and Triel - Zorn and Thorn (FF IX)
Inari - Kyuubi (Naruto)
Siren, Hydra and Cerberus - Greek Mythology
Zachwell - Shinigami (Not from Bleach, it's just inspired by a drawing of a Shinigami)

Sorry if it looks odd. Though I will admit it's not my best work, but this is the first time I drew tons of characters on one paper.
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