New Challenger Approaching: Hierarchy Picture

I decided I needed to draw up the villains in this form too. (I actually did this a while ago and never got around to posting it. >.<)

Annoying bio time! From Right to left

>Hierarchy name: Greed
>Hierarchical standing: First point (High Mistress)
>Infernal classification: Demonic Illusionist
>Possession breed: Serpent, female
>Abilities: -Creates illusions which have all the feel of real life. No damage is taken from these illusions, as they're only that, but she can design them to create excruciating amounts of pain along with psychological and emotional anguish.
>Signature Weapon: Harbinger's Spear
>Characteristics: -Calm -Conservative -Cynical -Sadistic -Criticizes sentient emotion -Able to plan ahead multiple strategies to achieve a chosen goal, but determined that things turn out a certain way for everything.

>Hierarchy name: Hatred
>Hierarchical standing: Center (Grunt)
>Infernal classification: Demonic Sorcerer
>Possession breed: Lycanthrope, male
>Abilities: -Able to conjure hellish incantations including summoning demonic entities, curses, bondings, etc.
>Signature Weapon: Devil's staff
>Characteristics: -Cruel -Sadistic -Arrogant -Disrespectful to his superiors (Eg. Most everyone in the hierarchy).

>Hierarchy name: Bloodlust
>Hierarchical standing: Third point (Left hand) [Recently demoted]
>Infernal classification: Demonic Berserker
>Possession bread: Half Human, half beast, Biologically melded, male
>Abilities: -Able to summon herculean amounts of strength.
>Signature Weapon: Dual Devastation blades
>Characteristics: -Savage -Cruel -Sadistic -Foul -Bloodthirsty -Violent -Prone to fits of rage.

>Hierarchy name: Envy
>Hierarchical standing: Second point (Right hand) [Recently promoted]
>Infernal classification: Impish Tormentor
>Possession breed: Young stag, female (antlers not derived by natural causes)
>Abilities: -Can conceal herself, and others as long as they are not being sought out specifically.
>Signature Weapon: Impling Daggers
>Characteristics: -Childish -Impish -Offensive -Sadistic -Foul-mouthed -Prone to prolonged (yet clever) insult sprees -Prone to temper tantrums.

>Hierarchy name: Vanity
>Hierarchal standing: Seventh point (stalker or scout)
>Infernal classification: Demonic Tormentor
>Possession breed: Lycanthrope, female
>Abilities: -Can detect or sight key flaws or weaknesses in an individual so as to better exploit them.
>Signature Weapon: Damnation Battle Ax
>Characteristics: -Calm -Collective -Sadistic -Prone to prolonged offensive/devastating rants and/or confrontations about personal/emotional flaws.

>Hierarchy name: Deception
>Hierarchical standing: Fourth point (Negotiator)
>Infernal classification: Demonic Deceiver
>Possession Breed: Half Human, half Reptilian, surgically melded, male
>Abilities: -Can weave impenetrable lies, aspersions, bluffs, etc.
>Signature Weapon: Decimation Mace
>Characteristics: -Calm -Collective -Attentive -Sadistic -Pensive -All interactions indistinguishable from lies or truth.

>Hierarchy name: Acedia
>Hierarchical standing: Sixth point (Exhauster)
>Infernal classification: Demonic Leach
>Possession breed: Undead
>Abilities: -Can siphon, or drain temporarily any energy, emotion, or knowledge from most beings.
>Signature Weapon: Leach Wrappings
>Characteristics: -Cynical -Sadistic -Conservative -Dispassionate -Prone to long speeches about the hopelessness and despair of sentient life.

>Hierarchy name: Lust
>Hierarchical standing: Fifth point (Infiltrator)
>Infernal classification: Demonic Siren
>Possession classification: Common Mythological Siren
>Abilities: -Singing invokes beings of attraction to her current gender to succumb into a trance-like state (Eg. hypnotism).
>Signature Weapon: Chain of Anguish
>Characteristics: -Flirtatious -Provocative -Extravagant -Sadistic -Prone to cause faux accidental deaths/suicides with her hypnotic voice.
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