Hiems Mansion: Myrna DeCora Picture

Basic Information:
Name: Myrna DeCora
Age: 18
DOB: July 17th
Height: 5'8
Creature: Screech Maiden
Tower: Moon Tower
Notable Features:

Personal Background:

Art | Music | Reading | Exploring | Daytime | Swimming |

She finds comfort in music and art. To her, it is a universal language that she can use to communicate. It allows her to express how she feels without fear of hurting others. She becomes relaxed when she draws or plays/listens to music and loves it when others share the same talent or appreciation as her. She also enjoys reading, though it is a very difficult pastime since she was never properly taught how to read/write. One of her goals is to master these skills so that she can read/write without struggle. She spends a lot of time exploring and finds joy in finding secluded areas that she can hide in. She prefers being alone, but only for the reason that she is scared of hurting others. The only time she enjoys company is if it is with one or two other people and they are in good relations with her.

Crowds | Blood | Making Quick Decisions | Over-powering people | Being touched | Having someone sneak up on her | Being told what to do

Crowds or large groups frighten her and she tries to avoid them as often as she can. If she must go to a party, she will stay to the side and observe rather than participate. She hates being made to make on-the-spot decisions or being attacked by social pressures. She needs time to think through decisions and wants to keep others as safe from herself as possible. She tries to avoid physical contact and gets uncomfortable if she is touched.

Herself | Being Cornered | Having her muzzle forcibly taken off | Hurting Others | Rejection | Manipulation

She is constantly on guard so that she can avoid what could trigger her screech form. She is afraid that she will hurt someone since she has nearly no control over herself when she is in that form. It would terrify her to have someone purposely try to trigger her screech form or force her muzzle off. She wears it because it is the only way she knows that she can keep other's safe. Her mind is blurred when she is in that form and wouldn't be able to take off the muzzle. However, there is nothing protecting people from her claws and violent nature. This causes her to be very reserved and prevents her from getting close to others.


Master Reading/Writing | Find people she can trust and feel comfortable around


[Cautious] - Myrna is very quiet (quite literally) and it takes her a while to warm up to new people. She keeps many things to herself and doesn’t like to talk about her past, or where disappears to in the middle of the night. She always makes sure to keep herself covered so others won't be lured in by her unnatural appearance.

[Curious] – She loves to discover new things and will often go off on her own and sneak about.

[Scared] – Myrna gets very scared around aggressive or over-powering people. With her “fight or flight” reaction, she tends to flee, avoiding conflict when she can. She does not like to be touched, unless she says otherwise. Since her mouth is covered by a muzzle, she can only produce muffled screams, which will only cause headaches. In order to screech, she has to open her mouth completely to allow the screech to escape. Her screech-self will be revealed if she is either extremely scared or angry.

[Level-Headed] - She is rarely unnerved by appearances of others or of grotesque and disturbing scenes. She grew up in a life surrounded by gore and it's not something that shocks her- rather it makes her uncomfortable because it reminds her of her true nature. She is not quick to judge others and doesn't make rash decisions. She takes her time when it comes to evaluating a situation and doesn't like being rushed.

[Screech Personality] - If she is provoked so much that she goes into screech form, her actions will be very unpredictable and she will lash out irrationally. Still, her instinctual response is to flee, and if possible, she will run off and hide until the "threat" has passed. However if she is pushed further, she will attack, most likely with her claws or teeth (if her muzzle is off). Producing a screech takes a lot of energy, and will be avoided unless it's absolutely necessary. Her mind in this form is running almost purely on instinct, though with the right approach, she can be subdued and will return to her prior form. Triggers for this form include: strong smell/taste of blood, extreme fear/anger, being attacked (physically)


Screech Maidens are very similar to Sirens, except they reside in forests, rather than along ocean shores. They tend to live in small groups of about 5, and hunt in a specific territory. No one is sure how these Maidens are born. Mythology suggests that they emerge from the earth, and that they are like humanoid mandrakes. Screech Maidens are not immortal, but they have very long lifespans, as long as they get enough to eat. Their development, however, goes very quickly, and they reach adulthood just under the amount of time a human it takes for a human to develop. Screech Maidens begin hunting when they are about 14 years old, until that age they are fed by the other members of the group. They hunt in a similar way to Sirens; by tempting their victims to their deaths. However, rather than using hypnotic singing, they use physical charm and send telepathic messages to travelers who happen to enter their territory. Once the traveler is tempted towards the rest of the group, they screech until their victim dies. After it is killed, they then consume the entire body, even the bones. Screech Maidens have the ability to talk telepathically between themselves, but with non-maidens they can only send telepathic messages, not receive them. (Unless, of course, the other creature has telepathy).

Myrna was “born” into a group of three other maidens, and the one who brought her into existence was Cora. It is tradition between screech maidens to take on the name of the one who brought them to life, which is why Myrna’s last name is “DeCora”. Myrna was a very quiet child and didn’t eat very much when she was young. The others in her group grew concerned about her well-being. They soon figured out that she would only eat woodland animals, rather than the humans they normally hunted. Cora was very angry at the fact Myrna didn’t possess the same ferocity as the others, and said that she had to act like the rest of them. When she was old enough to hunt, Cora forced her into being the bait, rather than helping with the kill. When a traveler finally did come by and approached her, she got scared and ran away, with the man still in pursuit. The others killed him before he could catch her, but afterwards they all scolded Myrna for not following the plan. After that Myrna often went often off on her own, hunting small animals instead of doing group hunts with the others. This went on for several years. Occasionally Cora forced her to participate in the hunts, but never as the bait again. When Myrna screeched, she tried to be as quiet as possible, and often she only ate a small portion of the human that they would kill. One day they had killed a traveler that had been carrying various goods in his cart. Books, musical instruments, parchment, ect. Without the other’s knowledge, she took most of the goods that were in the cart and hid them in a cave outside of their territory.

When the others were away, she would go to the cave and try to read, but it was not a skill that had been taught to her. Eventually she became frustrated with the books and moved on to the instruments. She had gotten hold of a lyre and when she played it she instantly fell in love with it. She had never heard music before, and from then on she spent her time learning to play. She also began to sketch pictures on the parchment that she had taken, and for the first time, she was happy. However, one day Cora had followed her to find out where she had been going, and when she discovered the cave, she was beyond furious. She told Myrna that until she would embrace what she was and stop trying to be so… human, that she would have to pack up and leave. Cora had destroyed most of her books upon the discovery, but she had not gotten to Myrna’s drawings or lyre. She gathered up her only possessions in a leather satchel she had taken and left the territory.

The first place she had gone was a small human village just outside of the forest. She couldn’t speak to anyone, however, because she ran the risk of killing them. Upon her arrival, she noticed that she was getting a lot of un-wanted attention, mainly because of her natural allure. In an attempt to avoid this, she wore concealing clothes and fluffed out her hair so her face wouldn’t be so visible. She spent most of her time in the library, trying to learn to read. Once she had seen a kid with its mother in one of the lounge areas, and she watched as the mother read out loud to the child. Myrna from then on would watch and listen carefully every time one of the parents came in to read to their children. After a while she had figured out the basics and started to teach herself, but was still by no means a master at reading.

This continued for a week or so, that is, until a man noticed her lurking about in the library. He had a weak heart and was drawn to her physical beauty and said her wouldn't tell anyone else that she was watching the people in the library if she would go with him. She became scared and tried to get away from him, but he grabbed her arm and tried to feel her. Terrified, she took one quick swipe at his face with her claws, only too late realizing how reckless that was. He became furious and tried to attack her, and onlookers began surrounding her. This triggered her screech form and her first instinct was to run away. However, the onlookers were trying to grab at her and didn't give her a chance to escape, and so she had no other option than to defend herself. She clawed and bit at those trying to attack/capture her, until it got to the point where she couldn't help but screech. When she finally reverted to her regular self, she found that everyone who had been inside the library was either dead or unconscious. Blood was splattered and smeared all over her body, but she was unharmed. Before anyone else could get hurt, she ran out of the building to find someplace safe.

She eventually made it to another town miles away from the one she was just at. This was when she felt truly terrified of herself, and didn't know how she'd be able to prevent another incident. One day she saw a woman walking her dog which was wearing a muzzle. This gave her an idea. She found a shop that specialized in leather craftsman ship. She played herself off as a mute and wrote, as best she could, that she wanted a muzzle made for her. The shop owner was confused, but complied with the request. She waited for him to finish the mask and since she had no money, she waited for the shop to close before sneaking inside and making off with the mask. To compensate for taking the mask, she left the man raw hide that she had taken from her last hunt. After that she moved on, hopping from town to town. She still spent her time reading books, until she came across a rather peculiar story. It was about a mansion, one filled with creatures of various sorts, and she decided that she would try to find the place that the story described. Eventually, by using the location described in the book, she found the mansion, and gawked at the giant eyeball lingering overhead.


Powers Reference Sheet

A few things not on the reference sheet:
•Screech maidens are much like Sirens in the sense that they have an unnatural physical allure to them. A screech maiden's hypnotic physical features are the strongest under moonlight, but during the day, the potency is not as strong and the hypnotic quality to it disappears almost completely.
•Screech maidens are strictly carnivorous. Their main diet consists of humans, but if humans aren't an option at the time, they will resort to animals. ((Myrna avoids eating humans all together and only eats animals))
•A Screech maiden only has to each once or twice a week
•The taste/smell of blood/meat can provoke the screech form of a screech maiden. The stronger and more overpowering the sent/taste is, the more likely they will turn.
•When a screech maiden is in full-on screech form, she will have little control over her actions and will become violent if her hunt is interfered with. They aren't mindless beasts in this form- but instinct has a strong hold over them and it is a very dangerous time to be around one.
•If your OC is a ghost, un-dead, ect. (anything not really mortal) then the effect of a screech may not effect them. However the sound is still extremely unbearable to listen to, even if it doesn't cause death or bleeding ears.

Skills and Strengths:

Lyre playing | Navigating Dense Terrain | Stealth | Strong Sense of Direction


Literacy | Physically Fighting | Controlling her Screech Form | Socializing

Roleplay Information:

Chatroom Availability: Weekdays: 6-10:45pm EST Weekends: Anytime after 3pm EST
IM Availability: I don't skype, but I do reply to notes. If i'm not available in chat, just send a note! I check my messages daily, so I will most likely reply the day you send a message.
Roleplay Preferences:
(in order of preference)
•One on One
Romance/Pairing: (Depends on the person)
Group RPs: (Ideally no more than 3 other people)
•Alternate Universe: (Depends on who and what the AU is)

Roleplay Sample:

• Lit Sample:


((Also note- my posts are usually not nearly this long.))

Myrna: Her skin had a soft, yet unnatural glow to it that mimicked the light of the moon overhead. Her pupils grew just as round as it, and as dark as the endless void that embraced the stars. The shadows of the forest tugged at her very being, taunting and urging her to release what she was hiding into the secrecy of the dark. Reluctantly, she shed the cloak that was covering her tattered, blood-stained clothes which she wore on such nights as to not ruin her normal garments. She forced her hands to remain steady as she unclipped the tight leather muzzle which ensnared her face until it finally came off, without sound or struggle. She wrapped it up in her cloak and made sure to hide both well so they’d be there when she returned. A distant howl beckoned her to get on with the inevitable. Let’s get this over with… She relaxed her jaw, her lips sticking together as her mouth opened. Sharp canines slid out from her gums and claws from the skin above her nails. Her transformation was nearly complete. It was only her mind that had yet to succumb to the influence of the beast that lay within her. It was going to take more than just will to take over the mind- she needed her prey.

Her body moved silently and carefully, allowing the shadows to act as her camouflage as she tracked down a suitable meal. It took a good while, but eventually a familiar silhouette came into sight. It was a buck, just beginning to get its horns, attentive to its surroundings, but not enough to notice the monster lurking out of sight. When it turned its head, she seized the opportunity to strike. She bolted out from the undergrowth, and tried to slice a tendon on the animal’s leg, but it took off before she could land a good mark. As the adrenaline pumped through her veins, her mind began to cloud further and further until the light of who she once was was hidden by the uncontainable darkness of her monstrous instinct. The transformation was now complete.

Running after the creature now was useless- so there was only one option left. A screech exploded from her throat like thunder, but it was shrill and pierced everything in its path. She drew it out until she was nearly certain the moon would crack from the jarring call. Then everything went silent. Not even the wind dared to stir in the presence of such an unrelenting force. She took a stride forward, and then another, looking keenly into the night for the soul she was to reap. Then it came into view. Its limbs were pathetically splayed in either which direction, proof that it had been uselessly trying to run away from its inevitable end. The smell of the blood dripping out from its ears piqued her insatiable appetite. She kneeled next to the corpse and brushed her claws against its still warm body.

Then suddenly she dug her claws in into the skin and tore down so she could access the meat inside. Blood poured over her hands and she couldn’t stand it no longer- she had to eat. Her fangs began ripping out the guts from the poor creature and she gorged herself on the warm, sticky flesh. The adrenaline that had been coursing through her veins was now gone, and the storm that had enveloped her mind was slowly retreating away. Her claws and fangs retreated back into her skin and her mind became more and more alert with each thump of her slowing heartbeat.

Fear tore through her when she saw the gutted carcass and the blood that flooded everything around it. The metallic taste in her mouth repulsed every fiber of her being. And her stomach was swollen with a cruel reminder of what she had done. Her body was shaking and she could barely make it to her feet. Growling came from the undergrowth and she left the lesser beasts to clean up the scene.

When she finally came across a shallow stream, she immediately filled her mouth with water in a desperate attempt to remove the taste of death from her tongue. Afterwards she continued to free herself from the violent crimson which clung to her skin and clothes. The pure water slowly but surely cleansed her of the crime, taking the mess in liquid plums downstream. When she could finally see her ghostly skin again, she backed away from the water and watched as it grew more and more still until she could clearly see the weary, miserable expression on her face. Even now… I’m a monster. She splashed away her reflection and trudged back to where she had stored her coverings.

She pulled the muzzle back on and made sure to strap it on tight. Mustn’t let the monster go free… The cloak provided protection from the harsh, cold moonlight, but seemed like a cage as she drew it closer to her body. She lifted her head a moment to look for the path back home and quickly scurried down it so she could escape from the still beckoning shadows.

Misc. Info:


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