NyxAsha DSR group (formely Sirenia) Picture

Ok so here is my character for the DSR group! She is on team cronus (the evil one) and here is her info! I changed it a lot from what i wrote up there so plz read the info!

Character information
Real Name: Asha
Nickname: Ash
Title(supername): Sirenia (Siren-eeya) Nyx
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Ability: She can control people with her voice but only with men. What she says she makes them think they want to do it. She has to keep talkign for it to work, it lulls them almost into hypnosis. Women are immune. She is technically a Siren. Her villain side (Nyx) is a perfected version of herself. Nyx means night in greek and she is sleek, dark, mysterious, smooth, scary, sexy and rebellious like the night. Her spirit animal would be a black jaguar.

Hair: Dark auburn/red
Eyes: brilliant turquoise (they used to be just a blue green but they got brighter after the black rain)
Height: 5'8
Distinguishing marks: her bright eyes, her tattoos (even though you can't see most of them) she has a tattoo under her collar bone saying "one for all, all for one", a key-hole over her heart, lyrics to the song Dance little liar by the arctic monkeys on her side: "I heard the truth was built to bend, A mechanism to suspend the guilt, Is what you are requiring still, You've got to dance little liar", black silhouettes of birds flying up from her ankle to just below her calf and a tattoo of the phases of the moon along her right forearm.

Personality: She has been through a lot, and brushes things off and has a strong "wall" around her. She doesn't let lots of people in, and uses her flirtatious manner as a cover that everythings alright and she isn't hurting inside, which she is. She loves mythology. She has an incredibaly bad temper. Not someone you want to be around when she is angry. She is fairly quiet and not recognizable. She keeps to herself and listens to lots of music (favourite band is Arctic Monkeys). She's shy but if you engage conversation with her she always has quick remarks and comebacks. Fairly funny. Has a soft spot for small, lonely children (didnt have a good childhood). She is a big flirt when she is in character(Nyx). Almost a different person when she is Nyx. Nyx is charming, sleek, suave, sexy, funny, confident and everything Asha isn't. She kept to herself until the black rain came and gave her a new identity where she could start all over again with her life. Her parents are fairly loose with her because they don't know how to act with a 17 year old. She didn't have a great childhood. Her parents were hardly there, kids bullied her at school, even know she didnt have many friends. She prefers music and dance. She does hip hop.
Background:at 3am in the morning Asha had a massive fight with her parents. She decided she needed to calm down, get some air and be alone for awhile. She went to her favorite spot on top of a hill right next to a pond not far from the university that she would be attending soon. She was so angry that you could almost see the steam sizzling off of her. She could not take it anymore. She started screaming at the top of her lungs on how she wished people would listen to her and how she didnt want to be treated like a child and how she wished she could be beautiful like the wonderful gods in the greek mythology she liked to read about. Tears were streaming down her face now and she wished that her life would change in university. She made a vow to herself that she would change to someone she liked better. Once she had calmed down a bit she plugged in her headphones and started singing a song. That was when the black rain came pouring down from the sky, a dark thick gooey substance, soaking her to the skin. She looked up to see it better and she lost her footing on the now slippery hill.She fell screaming into the pond until she realized that no sound came out of her mouth just a croak. Over the next 3 weeks her voice recovered turning into something beautiful and she started feeling different and noticing changes around her. She became a perfected version of herself, everything about her improved. It was one day that she had a fight with her only friend and she screamed at him "Why don't you go jump off the bridge or something", not realizing that her words had impact and she was just saying them out of anger, that's exactly what he did because they were walking over a big bridge. She figured out her powers that she had been given and realized that the black rain had given her the change she wanted. Not so much in the form of the fact that her best friend killed himself because of her, but she decided she needed to try and bury her problems. She was walking home from school once and she saw some suspicous people all dressed in black who looked somewhat ike goverment agents from those tv shows she liked to watch following her. She decided she needed to get away from prying eyes and left home. She was approached by the leader of Cronus who offered her a chance in this new life. He talked her into Cronus making her realize her full potential. She would use her powers for evil because she wanted to be in control of her life. She would wrong everybody who had wronged her. Why would she save the world when the world had done nothing to save her?
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