Shiva Picture

The queen of ice is a gorgeous sight to behold and an agile attacker.

Another recurring class of magic is "Summoning Magic", which calls forth magical creatures to attack enemies and/or heal or protect party members. This magic debuted in Final Fantasy III with eight different summons, and hit a peak of 51 different summons in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. These summoned creatures draw their names from classic mythology. Ifrit and Bahamut come from Arab mythology. Meanwhile, the Hindu tradition inspired several summons, including Shiva, Garuda, and Lakshmi (the correct translation of the summon known as "Starlet"). Ramuh is another Hindu inspired summon, drawn from Indra and Rama. Meanwhile, the serpent leviathan is inspired by the Old Testament, and the phoenix is drawn from Egyptian mythology. Greek mythology inspired titan, Hades, Cerberus and siren, while Norse mythology was the source for Odin the warrior and Fenrir the wolf.
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