Heights Picture

This is for a website based off Greek mythology that I'm on and it is AWSOME! These are the heights of all the characters. Here is some information about each(Enforcers=bad Rush=good and Rebel=nutreul):
Rubbie-13 year old vampire(rebel)power-extreme cruelty
Leader-Demon/main antagonist(enforcer)
Dag-demon/vampire(enforcer)power-Ability to calculate aponents attacks and can effectivly use any weapon
Alamar-Centaur(enforcer)power-can see anywhere in the world in the present but not in the future or past
Ripley-unknown species(rush)power-can control plant growth
Jacklin-Emotion Werewolf,she can take your emotions away(rush)power-healing
Deryn-Half sparrow(rush)power-Poison words, anyone who sees her write something or say something has extreme pain and can kill
Adonis-Half-giant/god(rush)power-romance, any female falls on love with him not matter their species
Dian-Centaur(rush)power-can see into the future
Bethany-Half Dragon/shapeshifter(rush)power-shapeshiting, can use what evere who she shape shifts into power
Echoe-demon/siren(rush)power-can imitate any noise she hears with out flaw
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