Renata Retouched Picture

Ah, another MA character that I haven't fully made known to =jenny-jen. I'll do it soon, I swear. One more character to do before I alert her.

She's a rusalka, if you need a refresher. Let's see, she's Polish and was murdered near water, but her death went unavenged (due to a twist of fate, mostly) and thus she remained a rusalka. They're somewhat like sirens, really. And yes, her eyes are supposed to be like that. It comes from one of my sources that said they had dark eyes and I just sort of interpretated that oddly. I like the effect. I also read that if her hair dries out she will die, so she has some water-making powers. She's cool like that. Um, when swimming she has little control over herself and thus could accidentally-on-purpose drown somebody, so she doesn't swim much, though there are ways to combat this issue... what can I say, it's been an interesting afterlife for her.

Interesting note: the shading on this was done with gradients. I kinda like the effect, but it is harder to line up things... I might use a mix for shading.

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