MeduLilithmon Succubus Mode Picture

Name - MeduLilithmon Succubus Mode
Level - Xros
Type - Demon Lord, Gorgon, Fallen Angel
Attribute - Virus
Family - Nightmare Soldiers, Dark Area
Digivolves From - Lilithmon + Medusamon + Succubamon
Xros Digivolutions:
MeduLilithmon Succubus Mode + Devimons + Mermaimon + Lucemon + Rosemon + LadyMarineDevimon = DeviMeduLilithmon Siren Mode
MeduLilithmon Succubus Mode + Lucemon Falldown Mode + Mermaimon + Rosemon + LadyMarineDevimon = MeduLilithmon Falldown Mode
MeduLilithmon Succubus Mode + Lucemon Larva + Rosemon + Youkomons + LadyDevimon + IceDevimons + Arukenimon + Mermaimon + BioRotosmon + Lotusmon +
MeduLilithmon Bewitching Ice Siren Poison Lotus Mode
MeduLilithmon Succubus Mode + Rosemon + Lucemon Falldown Mode + BioRotosmon + Lotusmon = TemptMeduLilithmon Falldown Poison Lotus Mode
Phantom Stare, Poison Nail, Darkness Stalker
Empress Poison: Summons a snake from her chest which annihilates the opponent.
Gorgon Breath
Succuba Pain: Rots the opponent's data with a mist of temptation, causing the data to destroy from the tips of their data, and they suffer from that pain as they die.
Succuba Nail: Corrodes anything it touches with the Succuba Nail.
Evil Kiss, Darkness Pain
Succuba Hug: To seduce her opponents to put her under her spell.
Poison Touch: Summons a snake from her chest to sleep her opponent and stabs with her claw.
Poison Kiss: Lures her opponent and steals its life-force.
Gorgon Kiss: Lures her opponent.
Darkness Ruin: Shoots dark blasts at all enemies.
Black Tulip Touch
Name Derivation - Greek/Medusa was a Gorgon, a chthonic female monster, and a daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. Lilithmon, derived from the mythological Lilith. Succubus, a
type of female demon that lures men into temptation.
Tamer/General - Rei Tuver

MeduLilithmon Succubus Mode is a Xros form of Lilithmon, Medusamon, and Succubamon. MeduLilithmon Succubus Mode is attractive when others are seeing over her. The attack Evil Kiss, hypnotises others into luring in temptation while deceiving them with sweet confusing kisses and attacks with the Poison Touch while summons her snake and stabs with her claw. The poisonous "Poison Nail" on its right arm corrodes everything it touches. She attracts others into poisonous ambitions.

Digimon (c) Toei/Bandai
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