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Yes, your eyes do not decieve you. Shall we begin again?

Who doesn't like Pokemon? Okay, those who don't or those who make fun of others who do because they do. But you know what? BAH! Pokemon is an awesome series still running and even though I haven't played Gen V yet, I still think it has potential. If only the makers would just make a Pokemon Gray and be done with it. But oh well. This list is made of my five favorite Pokemon that came from the first four generations. I'll give you my favorite Gen V after I've played some of that. But not now. And keep in mind, some entries may be ties or entire Evolutionary Lines. Why? Because I couldn't decide or I just loved the entire line enough. So, as the series started, let's head to the Safari Zone of Kanto and check out the first generation!

Quadruple Top 5 (1)

5. Tauros- What's this bull's beef? Nothing. He's just a powerhouse bull with several tails! Tauros is a unique choice of an animal to base a Pokemon off of. Alone, the Tauros is a force to be wreckin with! But in a horde of them, Tauros can prove to be a destructive force of nature! Even for a Non-Evolution Normal Type, it's always found new ways to impress me. With a decent move pool and a cool design, Tauros is just good enough to make it onto this list!

4. Muk- The big poisonous pile of crap and sludge, Muk has been a favorite to my mother and I for quite some time. And my mother isn't even into Pokemon. She just watched some episodes in the anime with me and my sister when we were kids and she just loved how it sounded. So did I. Seriously! It sounded so funny the way it just yelled "MUUUUUUUUUK!!!!!" Oh, and it's defence stats are pretty good too. And it's also a humiliating Pokemon to lose to. Think about it. This thing is literally a pile of s#!t and it can beat you up! That's both disgusting, and hilarious!

3. The Abra Line- The introduction to Psychic types was an interesting one indeed. And to start it off, the Abra Line's names are the ever so famous magic words! BIBBIDY BOBBIDY BOO!!! (Just kidding...) Abra Kadabra and Alakazam! What I like most about them is their design and concept. They are based on the different forms of mastery of the mind from constant sleeping and learning the spirit, to learning the body and tools, to mastering everything. And to show it, the first form, Abra is the youngest and looks like it sleeps like a baby all the time. Kadabra shows maturity as a young adult and grows nosehairs. Then Alakazam has the appearance of an old man and master of the Psychic arts! Not to mention, their stats in special attack and defence are nothing to scoff at. But my favorite part is that they use freaking spoons to fight you with! SPOONS! Either that or they're like me and just really want some cereal. But Alakazam has 2 spoons! He can eat two bowls at a time twice as fast! Now I'm hungry...

2. The Nidoran Lines- This was the first time we saw what the difference between a male and a female Pokemon is. And it's not something to take lightly! The Nidoran line starts with one having a long horn but low defence while the other has a short horn and rough skin. You already know where this is going stat-wise. So I don't have to explain that. I still remember the anime episode in season 1 where the two Nidoran were first introduced. At first it was juvinile at least, but I liked how it got sentimental in the end after the fight with the cross-dressing Team Rocket. They kissed and evolved into Nidorino and Nidorina. That's so sweet. Then it takes just a Moonstone and they become the Poison Powerhouses that we all know and love and hate losing to! I don't know why I like them, but I just do!

1. Ninetales- This was a no-brainer. Ninetales has always been my favorite Gen I Pokemon since I was a little kid! Even when I didn't know of its role in Japanese mythology I knew it was awesome! Then I learned of the legend behind it. It's based off of both the Nine-tailed Demon Lord Fox (This was before Naruto), and the Kitsune (Shapeshifting Fox Demon who disguises as a beautiful woman to attract men and potentially kill them in illusions). It's definitely a Fire-type that I'd go for despite it being more defensive than offensive like Arcanine. Maybe I'm just more into defense than offense. Who knows? But Ninetales's looks and design just remind me of a dog that I always wanted as a kid. But I ended up getting a few cats. Oh well.

And there you go. That is my Kanto List! But we're just getting started, so try to keep up! We're taking the bullet train from Saffron City and heading to Goldenrod City in Johto!

Quadruple Top 5 (2)

5. Umbreon and Sneasel (Tie)- I couldn't pick between these two Dark types, so I chose to put them both in as a tie! Umbreon is by far my favorite of the Eevee evolutions (Even more so than Vaporeon or Glaceon) for its adorable-yet-shady and awesome looks and demeanor. It can certainly kick Espeon's tail to last week. Sneasel is a rather interesting combination of Dark and Ice, and a great way to bring the Dark type variations of Pokemon into existance! Appearance-wise, it has that sly look of "I'm pretty, I'm cute, and I'm taking all your stuff!" I find that amusing for some reason. Also, good speed and attack make them real forces to not take too lightly.... unless your using a fighting type. Then you can take them down easily. Especially Sneasel.

4. The Mareep Line- As a landscaper, I've worked at some pretty lively farms. But one thing I can't seem to see enough of are sheep! I wonder why that is. Hmm... But besides that, the electric sheep Pokemon Mareep and its evolutions always give me the feeling of "I want to hug that wool, but I know it'll shock me." I also like it for its reference to the Japanese Thunder Raijin aswell as the Sci-Fi novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick. I guess Capcom got a similar idea when making Sheepman for Megaman 10. Hmm... Anyways, Mareep's evolutions Flaafy and Amphiros may not be the best Electric types, but not the worst either. And yeah, I'm a fan of farm animals. So this and the next one shouldn't come to too much surprise.

3. Miltank- See what I mean? Miltank is just what the name implies! It's a milk-cow and it's a FREAKING TANK! Miltank is one of the strongest normal types of Generation II attack, defence, and health-wise! Whitney can attest to that... Freaking Roll-Out. It also has its own natural healing move that can also work to heal one of the party members

2. The Teddiursa Line- One fun fact about me is that I LOVE bears! Almost as much as wolves! Bears to me represent the epitome of using strength to survive in the harshest of conditions! And cubs can be adorable at times. Even if the adults can be vicious as heck! And that is indeed appearant in the Teddiursa Line. Teddiursa being a little bear cub that's even more kid friendly than Winnie the Pooh and Ursaring being a ruthless powerhouse that could even hold a GUN Truck back! (Provided it doesn't have saw blades) You don't see too many bear-like Pokemon around in any of the other generations, so this is rather unique as well! I always have an Ursaring at the ready for a Gen II team! And how can anyone say "no" to that cute little cub, huh?! It reminds me of a stuffed toy I had when I was 4. I named it Demmy!

1. Celebi- How could I NOT choose the very Pokemon that represents me?! HOW, I ask you!? Anyways, yeah. I took that Pokemon Personality Quiz and I came up as a Celebi. Go figure. Celebi has one of the most unique typing in the series as a Grass-Psychic type (And those are both of my favorite types). And you remember the movie, Pokemon 4Ever? Yeah, I liked watching that. And I seriously hated the bad guy in that one for what he did to Celebi in that movie! Fortunately, like all good bad guys, he got his. And you know, I actually did tear up a bit watching the part with Celebi and Suicune at the lake until the part with the *Bleeped to prevent spoilers for those who didn't watch it* But what I love most about Celebi is the concept behind it. Time Travel has always been one of my favorite concepts in sci-fi, and Celebi does it rather nicely. I just wish I could just legitimately catch one in the games. But I can only get it from trading it from a friend.

So now that we're done with Generations 1 and 2, how do we get to Hoenn from here? Simple! Celebi! Time Tavelling time! BACK TO THE FUTUUUURE!!!!!!!

Quadruple Top 5 (3)

5. Delcatty- Skitty wasn't all that impressive, but it is atleast worth raising to become this fine example of a good cat! This is a good case of "It doesn't have to be great to make it on the list, I just have to like it" here! Delcatty may have sub-par stats, but I still like it enough to put it on the list. Delcatty is evolved from the rather rare Skitty and goes from "Cute" to "Pretty-Cute" in just one evolution! Just look at that face! It also gets some points for making great use of the Infatuation stat-ailment that makes the enemy of the opposite gender fall in love with it and has a lower chance of attacking it with said pretty-cute face! It's variety of attacks is nothing to snease at either! Heck! It can even learn Ice-Type moves! And you should know, other than Psychic, Ice is my favorite type! And as for a Normal type, it's not that bad. Atleast not for me! And besides, I'm a "cat-person".

4. Absol- Now this is what I call a beast! Absol is a Dark Pokemon of impending disasters! Absol itself is rather interesting on a few notes. From the variety of attacks that it can learn, to its unorthidox stats for being a Dark Type when its main stats are best in attack rather than special attack. Because of this, the same-type attack bonus doesn't exactly work to its advantage, but it makes up for it with a very diverse move pool! Using physically strong moves with a high chance of a critical hit and even the move Perish Song, it can make for a devastating competitior! Absol even looks cool! It's a reference to both the concept of the Yin and Yang and a mythological creature who's name escapes me. Sorry. You guys remember? Put it in the comments below. Knowledge is power! Anyways let's move on. Absol is a pretty cool Pokemon that always deserves a good place on anyone's team!

3. Jirachi- Personally, I am the kind of guy who will take any oppurtunity to look up to the sky when it's clear and nighttime and gaze at the stars for long extended periods of time just to appreciate it, write a poem, sing a short song, and yes, make a wish. I have been since I was a kid and Jirachi pretty much symbolizes that part of me in the form of one of my favorite Legendary Pokemon, Jirachi. I love this thing. I always did ever since I first saw it and got it from the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk! It also has two of my favorite typings, Psychic and Steel, which is rather unique (Other than the Metagross Line, but that's a different story). Jirachi's concept is by far my favorite part about it. A fairy embodiment of making and granting wishes that flies through space in a meteor and even looks like a star! I also loved the movie that it starred in, Jirachi Wish Maker. (Get it? "Starred"?! It's a pun!) And I'm not even a fan of the anime! It was a beautiful way to bring in one of the best of Gen III! Pokemon Channel even furthar cemented my love for Jirachi with its appearance and Camp Starlight! Seriously, that song, Stargazing, is my favorite song in the entire franchise, and I associate it with Jirachi fittingly! That's quite a list of reasons why I like Jirachi, but it's only number 3 here! What could top it? I'll ponder that as I look up to the stars.

2. Deoxys- *Bells ring, another meteor crashes, a siren goes off and soldiers rush in to confront the issue and outcomes a new alien Pokemon* Whoa, what's going on here?! Holy crap, this thing is awesome! This is my absolute favorite Legendary Pokemon! With Jirachi coming in VERY CLOSE second, Deoxys just takes it for how awesomely unique it is! The DNA Pokemon Deoxys has got to be one of the coolest and most creative Pokemon in the series! From the fact that it's an alien made of all lifeforms' DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, its move pool that includes his signature move, Psycho Boost, its ability to change stats with its different forms that can rival even the strongest of Legendaries for those said stats, its name and battle cry make it sound both cool and angelic, its very own battle theme in the Gen III games that REALLY needs to return in a later game, ect.! Deoxys is just plain awe-inspiring! It is the brilliant example of what GameFreak and Nintendo can come up with! This and PulSeMan are two of there creations that can outrank the others in being awesome and unique! But how can this be only number 2? What could be better?

1. The Ralts Line- Just my favorite Pokemon in the entire series! Represented by Gardevoir herself, it's the entire Ralts Line! When I first played Ruby, and got to where the green-haired kid got his own Ralts, I thought: Hey, I'd like to have one too! It took awhile to get one, but I finally did! Seriously, do you know how hard it is to get this and get it the way you really want it?! It took forever! But it was all worth it. Then to raise it to its best and get it to become the beautiful Gardevoir! And no, I don't love it because of Rule 34 or any of that crap, I love it for being able to give both flash and substance to back it up! Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir are all solid Psychic types in my book! And its actually because of the Ralts Line that I love Psychic types in general. I don't want to sound like I'm nerding out, so I'm just gonna leave it at: The Ralts Line is one of the biggest reasons why I love Gen III out of all the series! And that's saying something! But something feels like its missing with the Ralts Line. Almost as if it's needing something to complete it. Hmm...

You guys probably saw it coming, but yeah. I love the Ralts Line and of course Gardevoir being the biggest reason in Gen III. But now, we head to Gen IV to check it out! Let's roll! We've got one to go!

Quadruple Top 5 (4)

5. Vespiquen- To be honest, bees to me are a love and hate. I love the fact that they exist, but I hate being around them on account of.... well... they freaked me out as a kid. They've got stingers, what can I tell ya? But Vespiquen is on case of a queen bee that I would most definitely love on my side... and hate to have on the other. Vespiquen is an interesting and awesome Bug Pokemon to have with many moves that it can learn, great stats that can reach Legendary heights, Pressure, and 3 signature moves instead of just 1, those being Attack Order, Defence Order, and Heal Order! Which kind of seems rather funny. You're the trainer, giving the order to make your Vespiquen order her minions to attack, guard to raise defence, or restore health to her. I know she's a monarch and all, but when the trainer gives the orders, shouldn't the Pokemon itself comply? I guess that's the humor about it. Vespiquen is by far, my favorite Bug Type in the series! It's strong, unique, and ironic since it's a bee. The bad part about it is though, you can only get one normally by catching a female Combee and raising it is no easy task. And if you get a male Combee, you're screwed out of its awesome evolution! So it absolutely HAS to be a female, or else it won't work out so well. But it is all worth it if you want a good Bug Type on your team!

4. The Shinx Line- Zappz and I have this as a common interest. Shinx is adorable and reminds me of the early stages of one of my story characters, Viktor Kingfisher! Little, cute, feisty, and has Electric powers under its belt! Luxio is pretty cool, but not really as appealing as Shinx. Though it does learn some new and pretty useful attacks. But when you evolve it into its final form, Luxray, oh man! You've got yourself a winner! Luxray is the symbol of awesome! Being an Electric wolf, Luxray is my favorite Electric Type in the series! Or atleast tied with the Mareep Line. This family of sparky dogs just feels right to me in having them on my team when taking on the Elite Four. I don't know why, they just do! I can say from both me and my friend Zappz2200, get yourself a Shinx! Whether to evolve it or not, get one! NOW!!! Rock down to Electric Avenue, Do the Electric Slide, Get static in your attic from Channel Z! But whatever you do, do it with a Shinx Line Member!

3. Rhyperior- A crushing tank for the evolution to the very first Pokemon that was ever developed in the series! (Yes, Rhydon was the very first Pokemon that was ever created. Not Bulbasaur. It's just not the first one that was listed in order.) Rhyperior is the coolest of Rock Types in my book! And that's saying something since Gen IV went crazy with buffing up the Rock Types! And where this is just an evolution to a Gen I Line, it was introduced in Gen IV, so it counts! Rhyperior is a VERY powerful Pokemon in that it can learn some of the absolute most powerful moves in the series for any Non-Legendary! It crushes, it smashes, it breaks apart, it drills, it shoots boulders out of its hands! And speaking of which, you ever face one of these, watch out! You'll want to take it out before it gets a chance to bombard you with its destructive signature move, Rock Blast! It's like Bullet Seed except Rock Type and TONS more powerful! Sheesh, is there nothing about this thing that isn't cool?! I would say not! Sure, it has a heavy quad-weakness to both Water and Grass, but it can learn many moves and hold its own to make up for it. And it's slow, so atleast it isn't broken. Unlike all the rocks that came into contact with it!

2. Cresselia- The final Legendary on this list. Cresselia is rather interesting. And I mean Jirachi-and-Deoxys-grade interesting. Based on the concept of the Crescent Moon, Cresselia is a Psychic Pokemon centered around keeping the good and peaceful dreams of all living things. Especially the young. Acting like a guide for them with its Lunar Wings and.... wait..... that sure sounds like a certain purple jester who you all know how familiar I am with. Heheh... But I digress. Cresselia was annoying to catch in the games since it was one of the running Legendaries. Seriously, I hate that concept that you have to keep chasing after them and they ALWAYS run unless you trap them somehow! Oh well. Cresselia is definitely a good Pokemon to have on your team if you can manage to catch it! Though its only signature move is Lunar Dance, it does learn many good Psychic moves! But seriously. Lunar Dance? Why is this a thing? It does the exact same thing as Healing Wish. It makes the user faint in exchange for fully healing or reviving a fallen comrade. I get that its a useful tactic, especially if the user is almost finished, but still, was it really necessary for both moves to exist? I guess that's just like Self-Destruct and Explosion. They both do the same exact thing, but are considered two different moves. I don't get it. But again, oh well. Cresselia is a cool Pokemon and a beautiful Legendary to behold! And just like with Jirachi being a star, I ALWAYS love seeing the moon at night. Most likely because I don't get to see it too often and its a special kind of beauty that you only get to see it on a rare occasion. To me, those are some of the best kinds. If only they would last. Maybe that is where the Lunar Dance gets its symbolism. One's gaze of the moon's shining light can give on invigorating energy, though it only lasts for the moments that it is there. And then it disappears but returns anew. Yes, I like to be poetic. Don't mind me.

1. Gallade- This is it! My favorite Pokemon from Generation IV and the one that actually tied with Gardevoir for absolute favorite Pokemon in the series! The missing piece to the Ralts Line! The final Pokemon on the list is Gallade! This guy is just plain awesome! A perfect mix of Fighting and Psychic in the form of an honorable swordsman! Quick on his feet, sharp, and well balanced in strength, Gallade is the physically offensive counterpart to Gardevoir and a killer member to have on your team! I always, and I mean ALWAYS have one for my team! A creative and worthwhile effort to make an evolutionary line complete! Being able to learn all the different kinds of striking with blades, Gallade is a very formidable foe! When going against him, be sure to be able to both move fast and take some punishment, afterall, that's what you're in for! When Ralts was introduced in Gen III, I thought for sure a male Ralts would eventually have its own evolution since Gardevoir was made to look very lady-like. But such wasn't the case. But then GameFreak came up with this new idea! And I love it! Just give a Dawn Stone to a male Kirlia and you have a champion! BRILLIANT! The Ralts Line is awesome! Whether it be for Gen III's Gardevoir or Gen IV's Gallade, it wins! And that is why I love it so much!

And there you go! Man, that took awhile to make. That's it for today's visit into the Safari Zone! I hope you enjoyed this Quadruple Top 5! Next time for countdowns, It's gonna be my Quadruple Top 5 Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, and PSP titles! I am the Soulwind Skater, and until then, I will see you later!

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