DT - Nyvu Picture

I drew this yesterday along with Alyssia (from Reunion). She's also a character from one of my stories (a different one). I think my style is starting to stabilise, but I still need to practice more. I'm happy with my hair and eyes now. I actually had to check whether her hair was blonde or black. It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn her (since school... whoa). Her design hasn’t changed much if at all since I started that story...

About Nyvu. She is probably one of my favourite female characters, if not my favourite. She's from a story I abbreviate as "Devil" or DT. I'm trying to focus on Reunion, so I won't explain the story much. The Damned/Divine aren't good and evil in this story; they're just beings from different realms to the humans.
Everywhere we look, despites the context, you can find stories of men taking advantage of women, objectifying women; Nyvu is a response to that. Nyvu is a Siren-Devil, about 230 years old and a Human-Hunter by trade (though 100% of her targets are male...). Whether human, damned or divine, if they're male, they're easy prey for her. A man’s lust is their greatest weakness. Siren-Devils are one of the most human-looking devils, only females, physically attractive and deadly for any male that thinks they can take advantage of her. Any boy/man that has started puberty and on-wards is susceptible to her skills. Sirens are based on the creatures of Greek Mythology; beings that lure sailors to their death.
She also has a bad temper and hates vampiress (apparently, they’re too "easy"; despites the Siren-Devils nature, they have a lot of pride and, unless they love the guy (or trustworthy friends), all men are seen as prey). She was a Sleeper, don’t misinterpret that term. She was sent to the human realm so that her Awakening would kill as many humans as possible. At this time, there was a three-way war between the Mortal, Damned and Divine realms. Annoyed at being used, she then started seeking out the devil that sent her.
Ah, her temper. Funny times. Someone has annoyed her. Her claws don’t usually come out (literally) unless she’s hunting or irritated. She usually has wings (too difficult for me at the moment) or wears a coat (an illusion of her wings), but I couldn’t be bothered drawing it.
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