Lebed Picture

Here is Lebed, she is one of my favorite of the characters i love her scarves and her Russian dresses. They are so fun to draw. Why she always wears a scarf over her head is to signify her marriage, this practice in the steps and branching into Europe is where the Christian Nuns got their 'scarves' for their marriage to God.
Lebed (Russian for Swan) is a Sirin, yes with the 'i'. It's the Russian equivalent of the Greek Siren. Although the Russian Sirin is a much more tragic figure. the Greek one sang because it was going to eat your flesh, the Russian one sings praises to the gods (changed to God with rise of Christianity). Now most of the mythos is in the Christian world (the Russians had a nasty habit of not writing things down) so most of the myth I have is from that time as well.
The Sirin is originally from the Garden of Eden, and the majority of them are still there. They are also found around Kiev and Chersonesus, or the steps area of Russia. The Sirins are a tragic figure because their songs of praise were so beautiful that they would lure humans to come and listen, these humans would then forget about every thing but the music of the glory of God and slowly waste away and die. This would make the Sirins cry, for as immortal beings they didn't understand death. It is also thought the Sirins hold the secrets of Heaven on Earth since they were there in Eden and are still on the Earth today.
Oh, and also depictions of Sirins are very easy to come by, they have the head and breasts of a woman and the body of a beautiful bird, kinda like a peacock, but not quite, a little more like the Fenghuang.
Lebed = Joseph D. Hitchcock
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