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A mythic beast comparable to Lugia other than the Shinto kami Ryūjin is the mythical Greek Halcyon. Lugia might have also been based on Hurakan, the Mayan god of storms and winds (hence its ability to create strong winds)

Before the release of Gold and Silver Version, Lugia was referred to as "Pokémon X". A few characters in the anime also refer to Lugia as Pokémon X.

Lugia's name is most likely to be a variant of that of the Shinto kami Ryūjin, which is also referred to as the "umi no kami" in Japanese religious/mythological writings. This same term is used in the original Japanese script of the second Pokémon movie to refer to Lugia;

the term itself translates roughly to "guardian of the sea" or "god of the sea", somewhat interchangeably. There are also myths regarding Ryūjin which have similar elements to Lugia, such as control of storms, the seas, as well as a story regarding the "jewels of the sea", which bear some similarities to the orblike "treasures" obtained by Ash/Satoshi in the course of the film.

The English name of Lugia may also be formed around the Spanish words "Luz" (light) and "Rugía" (roared) or "Guía" (guidance); as well as "Beluga", one species of white whale with characteristics similar to Lugia.

There also a siren in the Odyssey called Ligeia/Lygia which might be an explanation.


In the Nintendo GameCube game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, the storyline of the game depicts a Shadow Lugia on the loose and terrorizing the locals. This creature is a Lugia that has been harshly corrupted by the criminal organization known as Cipher. It is up to the hero to catch this one-of-a-kind Shadow Lugia before the entire world is destroyed.

According to the Fortune Teller at Pyrite Town in the game, Shadow Lugia is said to be struggling, asking for help to free it from doing Cipher's dirty work in which its deeper closed heart refuses to do.

Shadow Lugia's main differences from a normal Lugia are its black feathers, talons, light blue-colored underside, jagged eye fins, a "bump" on its forehead,glowing red eyes, and the mask on its eyes is longer. It is similar to a normal Lugia with the colors inverted.

Shadow Lugia's code name is XD001, which means "ultimate shadow Pokémon". The XD itself stands for "eXtra Darkness," though the "XD" appearing in the game's title stands for "eXtra Dimension". The 001 on the hand is unsured, but to many, it might be a code meaning the first shadow Pokémon that cannot be purified (or so the Ciphers thought).

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