Daughter of Simargl Picture

Who is she? Oh, just an OC witchy werewolf thingy. That wolf is from some old diary paper.

But who is Simargl is a whole lot more interesting question.

Simargl was a Slavic fire/death god in a form of a wolf with wings of a falcon. Yeah, pretty pompous. Simargl was what we would call in our days a guardian angel. Simargl was said to be inside everybody, protecting them from evil and disease. But you could kill the Simargl in yourself by leading a life of self-destruction, then you could lose Simargl's protection over you.

Pretty logical if considering that in the Baltic werewolves considered themselves wolves of god guarding the gates of hell so that evil would not escape from them.

Slavics had a two-sided relationship with the wolf. Thought he was associated with death and all that evil crap, a wolves fur and fangs were powerful good-luck amulets. In some fairytales the wolves help out people and are very patient with their idiocy and mistakes.

Text above should not be taken seriously, it's filled with headcanon shit. Also in relation to other mythological creatures I headcanonize that Simargl is the main god of Sirens, Sirins and Vilas.

I'll probably do a son of Simargl if I don't get lazy :\
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