Madd Picture

Omg, guys, look. A background! A very lazy background, but a background none the less. I didn't want it to overpower the character. I feel like her hair could use some more work. It looks like it's not really...a part of her. Or its surroundings. I really don't know what else to do with it.
For all the experimenting I do, it still feels like my cell-shading is fake looking. Can't figure it out.

Don't know if I'll be drawing those tattoos ever again. XD They're really complicated.

Anyhoos, this is my SL character MaddMacabre. Madd's a sidhva, a race of supernatural beings I made up that might actually already exist considering my luck. >< They're akin to demons, kami, and nymphs. They're very neutral; neither completely good, nor completely evil. When I think of Madd in particular, I think of an Eastern/Indian goddess with Western/Grecian concepts of nature surrounding her. Hence all the...nature.

I'm just kidding, the background's actually based off the environment she was in last time I played SL. XD It fit her perfectly. It was a very wild, dense forest with elements of ancient civilization dotting the area.

**Moved to scraps until I fix it. Which may or may not actually happen. I might just draw a different version. I know there are some anatomy issues, but I'm not exactly thrilled by the coloring job, either.
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