Siren Picture

A siren. Sirens traditionally had wings, and could fly. There's a myth that goes along with it, but I'm WAAAAAY too tired to tell you it. All you need know is Odysseus had to pass them to get home, but had his men tie him to the mast, telling them to stuff their ears with wax and cloth, but to tie him to the mast and let him listen to the deadly song, the song that lures thousands of sailors to their deaths. Odysseus heard the sirens' song, but did not die. Humiliated by their loss, and the fact that Odysseus outsmarted them, the sirens somehow killed themselves, their bodies becomeing the Faraglioni- the three large rocks off the coast of Capri in Italy.

Pretty sure I spelt the rocks' names wrong....

the extra stuff in pencil is just that... never got time to erase it last year... NO SHE DOES NOT HAVE A WING STICKING OUT OF HER HEAD.
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