Mieruko's ID Picture

I've really needed to think up her bio for a long time. There's still some stuff I'm working on but I'll update it as I think of stuff.

Name: Mieruko Soruka Miyzaki
Alias: Mie, Lady Mieruko, Princess Miyzaki
Age: 14-15[physically] 200[chronologically]
Race: Elemental dragon, fire/ice demon, siren and half succubus from her grandmother[mom's side]
Gender: Female
Eyes: Ocean blue
Weight: 107 lbs
Height: 5'6" will possibly grow to 6'9 upon reaching maturity
Birthday: October 30th
Astrological sign: Scorpio

Likes: Attention, being complimented, the night sky, her aunt Fang, Lolita fashion, techno music, melon scented/flavored things, winning, cats and mythological creatures

Dislikes: Marriya[her maid], dirt, chalk, ice, when her sister bugs her, the color green[really any color not red, light blue, purple, black, or gold], tears, when people don't listen to her commands, losing, everything she doesn't like

Relatives: Fei-Lyn Miyzaki
Tatsuya Miyzaki
Fang Wayv Nguyen[new-yawn]
Miki Kimiko Miyzaki

Overall Description: Her hair is soft and silk looking but when touched feels more like a silk blanket instead of actual hair.
It reaches an inch past her feet although she prefers to where it in a ponyrail so it doesn't drag around on the floor
Each individual strand has little microscopic sensors on it that release poison when she's angered
She has two pieces in the very front of her hair that she can use to pick up things, as they work like miniature fingers
Due to being a dragon she has pointy teeth and her canines are elongated, she also has a slimy, scaly feeling tail that can appear in her human form when she's aggrivated albeit much smaller. Like mentioned before she has a dragon form but since she is not fully matured it's much smaller than her parents'.
Two particular pieces that usually stick up like antennae and bend at the top are very sensitive and those are her whiskers in her dragon form. Her species of dragon physically matures to a certain age and stops aging on the outside even though they continue to age very slowly after that. Her skin is scaly and feels like porcelain glass, and it's very hard to puncture.

Bio: Mieruko doesn't really have an interesting back story she was raised in a castle and spoiled more than she should've been. She has a so called "crush" on Hiei when it's really just an attraction to his strength, she usually trys to follow him like a lost puppy but he can't stand her for the most part and tells her so a lot. In her family on her mother's side they all have these spirits that enter there bodies while they're in the womb and awaken when the person they are in experiences either something traumatic, they're able to just communicate with them at will, and many other things. Mieruko has unknowingly awakened hers[her name is Anemone] and it's pretty much the personification of jealousy/envy/greed.

Personality: She isn't one for short conversations and generally will try to keep someone as long as possible. She tends to be blunt and to the point not really minding if it hurts others, although in truth she justdoesn't realize it.Due to constantly getting what she wants she tends to throw tantrums when things don't work out as planned despite her ageShe's a very show offy and flamboyant person and likes to walk around in new things just about every week.She's more like Fang in terms of patiene meaning she ahs virtually noneShe hsa no issue provoking people to the point of them trying to physically harm her due to her armor like skin which is virtually indestructible,...in most cases. The most important thing to remember about her is she's dangerous when angered and is easily jealous regarding clothes, friends, etc., because she's royalty she has a tendency to act high and mighty and boss people around, when they don't listen to her or act as though they're more important she usually gets angry. She has a short temper nt only because she's spoiled but because she's a fire demon and sometimes they have a tendency to have short fuses.

Fears: high altitudes, being rejected, food poisoning, leg warmers

Hopes: to find out more about herself, to find her grandparents, to win at love

Clothing description: She has a mix of styles of Lolita, kimono, and Victorian fashions

Theme song: WIP

Base ~ ~Ossanya

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