RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode Picture

Name - RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode
Level - Xros
Attribute - Data, Virus
Type - Nightmare Soldiers, Deep Savers
Digivolves From - RoseMermaimon
Xros Digivolutions:
RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode + LadyMyotismon =
VampRoseMermaimon Temptation Mode
RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode + LadyScorpiomon =
RoseMermaimon Ruthless Temptation Mode
RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode + Lilithmon =
LustRoseMermaimon Temptation Mode
RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode + BioRotosmon =
RoseMermaimon Poison Temptation Mode
RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode + Lotusmon =
RoseMermaimon Lotus Temptation Mode
Attacks - Temptation Kiss, Temptation Potion
Temptation Illusion - Beautifully creates an illusion
with her seduction with rose petals.
Temptation Hug - Tempts the opponent in
Black Rose Temptation - Brings out her black rose
to lure her enemy.
Temptation Cradle - Summons a storm of sleep-
inducing rose petals and lures her enemy to beauty sleep.
Temptation Fascination - Tempts an opponent and
drowns her opponent to death.
Luring Temptation - Tempts its opponent with
vines coming out from its rose.
Pearl Temptation - Tempts an enemy with a pearl
Siren Spear - Lures the opponent down and
attacks her opponent using the whip as a rapier.
Dark Luring Temptation - Lures the opponent with
a shower of innumerable black rose petals.
Siren Temptation Hug - Lures the opponent with
Siren Nightmare Cradle - Sings a lullaby to lure her
enemy with sleep-inducing nightmares
in its deep nightmare sleep.
Sea Song - To lure her opponents to temptation.
Beauty Lure - After doing her Siren Nightmare Cradle, she hypnotizes its opponent and attacks with
her claw.
Siren Dark Shoot - Shoots a dark pearl to tempt
her enemy.
Danger Dark Lure - Shoots dark pearls at all
enemies to lure her enemies.
Name Derivation - Rose, a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. Greek Mythology. The sirens were creatures that lured young men to their
deaths at sea with beautiful songs, Temptation, means enticement or allurement.
Tamer - Rei Tuver

RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode is a Xros form of Mermaimon and Rosemon. Its attack called Temptation Kiss, tempts others into falling in temptation while deceiving them with sweet kisses and takes her enemy a Temptation Potion, a potion that caused her to be in temptation with her and puts her under her spell. It has the form of a beautiful mermaid, and desires to remain lustful forever. She tempts the enemy with her beautiful voice and good looks before going on the offensive.
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