Twin-Tailed Feminine: Mermaid Vulva Pendant Picture

“She dates back to ancient times, turning up in the art and mythology of various countries, and recalls the old matriarchal belief systems that predated the dominant patriarchal religions of today.
This sexy siren is a cross between the Celtic fertility goddess Sheila-na-nig, who squats and suggestively shows off her feminine secrets, and the more typical mermaid”
~Skye Alexander, Mermaids

*When I had initially created this piece and pulled her from the stove: I absolutely did not like the way she turned out. Why, I still don’t have a clue. So, I set her down to set to work on a different mermaid, because I didn’t want to look at her anymore. Seriously, I was not happy with her. Then, I walked back over to my computer desk and there she was: only, she was sitting upside-down. Can you guess what I saw? turn her upside-down and she is a perfect suggestion of a uterus, complete with two ovum. I fell in love immediately. This was only confounded by the fact that this mermaid, proudly showing off her beautiful Vulva, has matriarchal roots- isn’t it funny how one tiny shift in perspective can literally change the way you see something, even something about yourself.

This twin-tailed Goddess is sculpted in stormy pinks and purples, accented with shimmering silver and blues . Her outer labia and two tails are set with hand detailed scales, framed by two flowing purple fins nestling a small pink glass vegan pearl. The entire piece is set onto a brass filigree setting that mimics the curves, flow and beauty of rolling seaweed.

• Strung on a very long 29 soldered antique brass chain
• Vulva pendant size: 1.8″ x 1.8″
• Set onto a stunning brass filigree backing and accented with two vegan pearls

The model for this piece is Maricruz.

Never made with a mold. Each Vulva pendant is the hand-sculpted clay original. We prefer clay to resin for its fleshy look and texture.

“A mermaid’s comb is more than just an object with which to brush her long, flowing hair: In the Greek language the words for comb- kteis and pectin- also mean Vulva. ”
~Skye Alexander, Mermaids: The Myths, Legends & Lore
You can find her available for purchase here: [link]
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