RoseMermaimon Picture

Name - RoseMermaimon
Level - Xros
Attribute - Data
Type - Nightmare Soldiers, Deep Savers
Digivolves From - Mermaimon + Rosemon
Xros Digivolutions:
RoseMermaimon + LadyMyotismon + LadyScorpiomon =
VampRoseMermaimon Ruthless Mode
RoseMermaimon + Lilithmon = LustRoseMermaimon
RoseMermaimon + BioRotosmon + LadyMyotismon =
VampRoseMermaimon Poison Lotus Mode
RoseMermaimon + Lotusmon + LadyMyotismon =
VampRoseMermaimon Lotus Mode
Attacks - Rosy Kiss, Rose Potion
Sea of Temptation - Beautifully destroys the
opponent's data in her seduction with rose petals.
Death Hug - Entangles the opponent in seduction.
Rose Change - She can digivolved into
RoseMermaimon Temptation Mode.
Bewitching Cradle - Summons a storm of sleep-
inducing dusts.
Fascination - Enthralls an opponent and lures its
Luring Rose - Tempts its opponent with pollen from
its rose.
Pearl Shoot - Shoots a pearl.
Death Thorn - Shoots thorns at all enemies and
lures them to death.
Siren Spear - Lures the opponent down and
attacks her opponent using the whip as a rapier.
Luring Temptation - Lures the opponent with a
shower of innumerable rose petals.
Siren Temptation Hug - Lures the opponent with
Siren Cradle - Sings a lullaby to lure her enemy
with sleep-inducing rose petals.
Sea Song - To lure her opponents to death.
Beauty Lure - Lures its opponent and attacks with
lightning from its left whip.
Siren Shoot - Shoots a pearl to lure her enemy.
Danger Lure - Shoots pearls at all enemies to lure
her enemies.
Name Derivation - Rose, a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. Greek Mythology. The sirens were creatures that lured young men to their
deaths at sea with beautiful songs.
Tamer - Rei Tuver

RoseMermaimon is a Xros form of Mermaimon and Rosemon. Its attack called Rosy Kiss, tempts others into falling in temptation while deceiving them with sweet kisses. It has the form of a beautiful mermaid, and desires to remain beautiful forever. She tempts the enemy with her beautiful voice and good looks before going on the offensive.
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