It's Been a While... Picture

Have a crap-ton of doodles from my sketchbook!

Well, only seven.
I cut a few out because they weren't worth the effort of scanning,
and a couple of them were posted as individual images because I actually liked them.

Now, explanations...

Just a doodle done while waiting for the Photography classroom to be unlocked.
I just wanted to draw a leech-like mouth...
and it ended up turning into a tentacle-heavy piece.
Made me think of sirens and shit, so, here's my version of the mythological Siren.
Aint she a beaut'?

Just a doodle with some lyrics from a piece a wrote a bit back.
Kind of a self portrait, I suppose.

An old, somewhat-forgotten character named Eleanor. She was from a story concept called the 8th Circuit.
She can hack people's minds...quite literally.
Love the design, so cute. That pixie cut is just...yeah...I have a thing for short hair. You may have noticed.

Not sure.
A play on my silly dream of becoming a singer. Or, lyrical poet, as I prefer.
Never will happen, I can't sing...
but nevertheless.
Not sure why I made wings of 'body parts'.
It just...happened.

FISH (?)
A long time ago, I planned on using this guy in LOTF.
Very unlikely, now, but who knows.
Maybe this kid'll get a chance to shine again.
Unlike most freaks, his brain did not suffer deformities...instead, it was other aspects of his body. So no psychic powers for him...but he can breathe underwater.
The only other Freak that had non-brain related deformities was Elijah Walker.
You'll see him soon enough.
Once school's done, I'll be getting back to LOTF.

A drawing of my lovely Lilya-Eva, in winter gear.
Because it's getting cold here in Canada,
and I hate the cold.

Planning on stepping out of my comfort zone and practicing a larger variety of body types.
Here's my first, baby step...
a girl that's not anorexic. She's nearly normal.
Well...compared to my usual characters.
Next, I'll probably try muscles. And then on to fat. And everything in between.

characters + art + concepts + everything (c) Trystan Murray Warnock-Juteau (me, of course)
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