The Cult of Black Chaos Picture

This is the Cult of Black Chaos, the primary antagonists of the Spectrum League.

Extremely Insane Cultists
Persons a little to Extreme for most cults. They found The Cult of Black Chaos suited their twisted desires. The shadows that stalk them, watch over to make sure they do as their told or don't stray off the Darken path. Females are haunted by the shadows of Children.
Based off an enemy from the SNES game Earthbound (1995)

Bewitching Hex Mavens
These...innocently looking enough woman tend to have strange powers over men, they can appear to be a damsel in distress, helpless and lost. Which allures to several men. Or she could be a distraught spinster looking for someone to lavish her affection and money upon. Or a widowed mother longing for the embrace of a man. Ether way you view her she is nothing but a temptress, a siren. She lures men into her web, casting her spells on them, taking over their mind, draining them of life and love. The Bewitching Hex Mavens goal is to confused and mislead. The cult utilizes the powers of these wicked enchantresses to corrupt powerful and influential people.

Vile Acolyte
Violent mercenaries of the cult and humble servants to the Shadow's Chaos Priests. They performs ceremonial duties such as lighting altar candles, or ready the blood for Chaos Priests(Blood which most often or not is gathered by Acolytes). The claws they wear most times are stained in blood. The claws are said to be able to rip ones soul out from the body. The acolytes wear ceremonial and ritualistic warpaint or tattoos. The most experienced of the Acolytes have full bodied works done. The Acolytes while working or hunting are accompanied by Cryoplights(minor demons clockwork spirits). The reason way these creatures follow these acolytes is unsure. They serve no real purpose but the cult is not really pestered by their presents. It is believe however that this demons calculated all the sins, murder and evil deeds the Vile Acolytes rack up and when the clock's hands make 13 full rotations the Acolyte will die.

Hollow Wraiths, Spectral Insurgents of Chaos
Wraiths are empty, emotionless and ethereal creatures, similar to a ghost but shares more in common with a poltergeist. The creation or "birth" of a wraith is when a combination of pure dark energies and negative emotions energies are fused together. However as Wraiths are lacking in a physical body they require some focal point to keep their energies from dissipating. The point of concentration of the wraith is the masks they wear. Every wraith wears a mask of some kind. After the wraith is focused, cloaks, robes and other items are then endowed with similar forces, this in turn make up the Wraiths' "physical forms". Wraiths have a kind of "hive mentality" working collectively under the rule of a sole being. That said being is the known as the Wraith Queen. There is only one queen. The most common form of wraith is known as Hollow Harvester, they can be also known Gathers or just Common Hollows. Each wraith is created with a specific task, just like the positions in a beehive. The Harvesters job is much like that of the worker bees', to feed and collect negative vibes from human beings. The process of a wraith feeding is subject to much debate. Some say they absorb negative emotions from their targets, other say they possess them. It is very rare for any person to survive an encounter with these horrific specters so it has never really been understood. Some Wraiths are more powerful than others. They have been encumbered with other energies, besides the ones needed for their "birth”; such as elemental powers. Such examples would include the Fire and Frost wraiths. These however are still classified as common hollows but fall under a specific subclass known as Elementals. The Fire and Frost wraiths are the most common Elemental wraith but other wraiths of varying elements do exist. Fire wraiths are most often found in colder climates and frost wraiths are found in mostly warm climates. Their purpose is in causing adverse environmental damage, temperature fluxes, and chaotic weather patterns; generally throwing Nature itself into disarray. Magi wraiths are elevated common hollows and the strongest class of all Common Hollows. Magi Wraiths act as the solider bees, strongly adapt at a various number of mystic ability and as well as physically abilities. The Magi or Magus are tasked to keep an eye on the Harvesters to ensure they do their job as well as protect them if endangered. Many Magi is assigned to one large sector such as a large urban city, while one magi could be tasked to a small town or rural area.

The Four wraiths shown are (from left to right), Hollow Harvester, rank from 1-3), Fire wraith rank from 2-4), Frost Wraith rank 2-4), and Magi Wraiths rank from 5 to 6

Classification and Rank of Wraiths
Wraiths are broken down into several different classifications and ranks. Classification of wraiths boils down to what the wraith was specifically created to do. There is five main classes, Common, Warrior, Regal, Militaristic and Unique, anything else is hybrid or mutated version of pre-existing classes. There is also a sub group that features Animalistic wraiths, these wraiths more closely resemble flora and fauna as well as taking on several more feral traits then humanoid wraiths. The Ranking of a wraith is based on its power, both physical and magical. The scale which is measured from one to ten, ten being the strongest to one being the weakest; the only known tenth rank wraith is the Wraith queen herself. Unique wraiths mostly range from 7 to 10 in rank. The ability to retain of human speech is something most all unique wraiths possess. Warrior wraiths rank from 2-4 for all with the exception of the Felledmen which rank 5. There are some cases of them even ranking up to 6 but those are few and far between. Regal Wraiths rank from 4-6 with the exception of the Marquis' personal entourage. Militaristic wraiths rank from 2-5 as they are endowed with some magical energies but not a lot. It is possible for wraiths to achieve higher ranks if they know the right places to tap to gain more energy than they have. However such idea would be deemed almost heresy against the Wraith Queen.

Speech of the Wraiths
The language of the wraiths does not remotely sound anything like human speech. Depending on type of Wraith they will have varying forms of speech or communication. From a common Hollow or Elite the speech could be little more than guttural moan and echoed screams. Frost Wraiths seem to be generally classified as having a almost owl like call whereas Fire wraiths sound is that of lava breaking and cracking through solid rock. Warrior wraiths have a strained roar like a battle cry form of commutation and Regals have a more airy albeit still guttural moaning way of speaking without words. There are those unique Wraiths that have retained human speech, examples being Marquis de Lunacidal whom can speak at least 5 different tongues and General of Fear, Phorexus whom has retained his native and ancient dialect of Greek and as well adapted to our most common and modern English.

Disease of the Wraiths, Wraithrosy
If a wraith has prolonged contact with a human, or if a human has aligned themselves with a wraith, said human can develop a kind of disease or disorder called Wraithrosy. They begin to lose the concepts of right and wrong, their free will diminishes and the skin becomes discoloured, often a pale purple colour, similar colour of dead or rotting flesh. Their life also becomes extended or their life almost freezes in time. They will age but and a considerably slower rate. They will rarely feel or seem to have the ravages of aging a normal human might. A human with his disease may live upwards of 150 years. There is however some people who have immunity to such a disease. The Court's human subjugates as well as the living descendants of the Skullfrost clan's, now calling themselves Skurost are among those who are immune to Wraithrosy. The reason for the subjugates to be immune may be the fact they are already being infected by a disease, vampirism, which seems to counter act the disease of Wraithrosy. The reason for the Skurost not being effected is unclear, likely as the army of the Chieftain is made of mostly all Skullfrost clansmen, the family's bloodline is unaffected by disease. However if exposed to a wraith not of the Skullfrost origins for extended periods of time, they may then become infected. This theory has not yet been tested.

Evening Star Dragon, Hollow Swordsmen, Larceny Specter and Felledmen, classes 2-4 for all (Felledmen are class 5, some cases of even class 6's but those are few and far between)
This is the brute strength of the Cult. They are not as powerfully magically, but they make up for it with sheer force. The first wraith is a called "Evening Star Dragon" partly an homage to their weapon, the flail mace or morning star. The dragon part comes in that these wraiths and a dragon's soul are intermixed with their dark energy. They swing their weapon so hard it could rip through 4 feet of concert. A bone shattering attack! The next in line is the Hollow Swordsmen. They are well gifted in the art of sword play. They have 3 arms instead of 2. With this extra appendage they are able to wield 3 swords simultaneously. Always carry a minimum of 4 swords and a shield. If one sword breaks they will use another. If all of its swords are destroyed the Wraith is also destroyed. The destroyed wraith explodes into a vortex of dark energies. This vortex only lasting no longer then 10 to 20 minutes after that it dissipates. It is said that the dissipated energy from the vortex is collected by the Wraith Queen to use it again. Now that's recycling! The second last Wraith Is very weak compared to the others, but are skilled at what they do. They are the Larceny Specters. These types of Wraith are excellent at burglary, infiltration, robbery, espionage, assassination, and stealth. They may not be powerful but they can still kill efficiently. Larceny Specters are one of the major sources of the Cults income. Unlike the other Warrior wraiths the Larceny Specters almost appear to have a full body instead of just an upper body. This however is merely an illusion. It helps the Specters to more easily steal and infiltrate if they appear more human like. As well, unlike the the other warrior wraiths they have special powers. They can cast minor to moderate glamours upon themselves to make their tasks easier. These glamours do not last long and most often only work at night which is good as it is when the Larceny Specters are most active. This last creature is by far the most vile, brutal and torturous of all the Warrior wraiths. They are Felledmen. Felledmen are sadistic in what they do as any other wraith but seems to be heighten in the Felledmen's case. Very few people have seen Felledmen in action. The reason for this is that Felledmen's targets most often or not never see them coming. Cloaked almost entirely in darkness Felledmen utilize demonic portals to emerge from, so they can strike without mercy at their intended targets. These evil creatures tend to favor large and heavy axes. The only problem the Felledmen have is they are plagued by the ghoulish hands and spirits that sprout up from around the Felledmen's nonexistent feet and try and drag them down into the depths of hell where they belong. Felledmen always carry a single light candle with them. Once their target has been neutralized they symbolically blow out said candle. This signifies their masters that the deed is done. The candle is always magically relights when they have another assessment. All of the information the Felledmen is housed in the candle's flame. Felledmen seem to take great sadistic joy in taking people's lives. This in itself is most ironic, as Wraiths in general are supposed to have no emotions whatsoever.

Faustian Ungentlemen, Ladies of Gale, LadyKillers and Chlorofume Obsessors classes 4-6
Ah the refined upper crust. These fancy wraiths purpose is still very widely unknown. Generally these wraiths seem to be nothing but sowers of discord. They have appear at elegant soirees and gala balls. They mingle, they chit chat with the crowd(even though the noises they make are more or less mumbles and weak moans). They act as if nothing about them as out of the ordinary. This is however until someone remarks upon their "unusual" condition. The Faustian Ungentlemen will go berserk. The tea cups they carry never empty and in the enraged state provides the wraith with a crippling attack of throwing scalding hot tea into the faces of those whom "provoked" it. They have been also known to beat their targets ferociously with their canes. The Lady's are equally violent when angered. The fans they carry can create strong gale forced winds which throw whatever venue they are at into complete disarray. The bouquets can fire poisonous thorns at its victims when shaken. My advice as if a gentleman with no feet and a lady in a fine porcelain mask appear at your party treat them with the uppermost care and advise your guests to mind their manners.

Women can unfortunately be wooed too easily. By mere words and presents, even if that suitor is an hollow, soulless, unloving creature. Ladykillers whisper sweet nothings in the ears of its female pray. One of the few wraiths which is believed to retain human speech. The dialect will differ depending on the region in which this fiends operate. They blind their victims with love, ensnare the senses, make the woman believe she is kissing the lips of her true love, instead of the cold surface of their masks. They will sale their homes, give any money they have, anything that can offer to this devilish hustler. He takes everything from them, then he ends them. By this point however the woman is nothing left but a shell, babbling about her soul mate, being together forever. The method in which these creatures kill also differ giving the person or circumstances. She may think he is offering her one last glass of wine, a toast to being together forever. Instead it is filled with nothing but poison. She may think him a Romeo and his knife will bind them together. Whatever the method these horrid Ladykillers do this without remorse. There have been strange cases however in which the Wraith cannot bring himself to destroy the woman whom loves him. In these cases, other wraiths must dispatch these "defective" wraiths.

By nature these wraiths are benign, but generally as with all the Regal wraiths she as a far darker and twisted side. Normally these wraiths will simply follow around men of ether high social status, superior beauty or aw-inspiring talent. If you want to think of it simply, they are rather obsessed fan girls, albeit unliving fan girls. They only travel where there is an abundance of shadows to hide in. They are very shy creatures as well. All the followed individual will only notice a strange fragrance in the air. the smell differs from person to person. Most often is a type of perfume smell, but it can be whatever smell the person finds most appealing. If the person is foolish enough to seek out the source of the smell they will encounter these Perfumed Wraith. She will abduct that said person by secreting a scent much like chloroform. She will take care of them in what ever location the wraith calls home. If the person tries to leave she will become enraged and her smell will become that of rotting corpses. If pushed far enough the wraith will kill that person. Strangling they will mourn their victim for 10 days after killing them before setting out to find another subject of admiration.

The Wilderness Wraith was once a nature spirit but before it was infected and corrupted by the Cult of Black Chaos's Evil. They told the spirit how mankind was evil, the horrors of what humans have been doing to the forest and animals. The cult drove the spirit to the brink of despair and then killed it and brought it back as a vengeful spirit of nature. However the cult should have foreseen what was to come. As all people know it is impossible to control nature. Thus the wraith rebelled and attacked everything and one in its path. The embodiment of Nature's Wrath. An unstoppable force, a living natural disaster.

The some of the cultists decided to bring the cult into the modern age. Trying to do this by creating a mechanically advance and technologically sound Wraith. They filled its A.I. with evil and made sure every wire was coursing with pure dark energies. However in doing so several viruses infected the wraith and rendering it uncontrollable. It became the embodiment of technological insecurity. The possibilities of one day machines raising up against humanity.

Ahkmenasptek Wraith of the Pharaoh's Curse (class 5, then 7 then 9)
Of course you've heard of King Tutankhamen, Great Ramses, the Beautiful Cleopatra or maybe even Amenhotep III. But how many of you can tell me about the unholy Ahkmenasptek? Ahkmenasptek was once a great pharaoh of Egypt. His reign might not be known to date; Unless one is an avid explorer in occult studies. Ahkmenasptek was one of the most cruel and wicked of all the great Egyptian Pharaohs. He was a worshiper of the dark god of chaos Set. His priests sacrificed hundreds upon thousands of serpents in his name (Set's and the Pharaoh's). Ahkmenasptek death was almost ironic as he was overthrown and tossed into a deep pit of countless venomous snakes. Ahkmenasptek vowed from that dank hole in the earth to have is vengeance upon the lands Thousands of years later when archeologist stumbled upon the ruins of Ahkmenasptek tombs they would end up releasing something of unspeakable evil. Everyone knows about King Tut's curse. How it killed off all those who were involved in the excavation of his tomb. Ahkmenasptek curse was far worse. It did not wait to kill of the men who found him in days or weeks, months even years. No, Ahkmenasptek's curse killed them off within minutes of the tombs opening. Those men and woman suffered the most horrible deaths. Their flesh melted off their bone, their hearts exploded in their chests and their blood curtailing screams could be heard throughout the land of Egypt. Something unique about the Pharaoh is that unlike every other wraith he seems to be immune to the Wraith Queen's powers of control. Thus he is the only wraith with freewill. In fact his birth is unique too for he was not given "life" by the Wraith Queen. His contemptible spirit languished for millennia. His hatred and pure bile kept him going until his tomb was opened. As he acts within the cults interest they see no threat in him. However there has been whispers that Ahkmenasptek might seek to overthrow the Wraith Queen and to take control of every wraith.

Great Pharaoh's Herald, Abdul Kek-Sebak
Once he was a well renowned scholar of history and mythology in Egypt. It all changed when the spectral pharaoh rode into down, with hordes of serpentine demons and ghostly warriors. Abdul went into hiding as Ahkmenasptek's army ravaged the town he was in. Abdul however as captured but, previously had been struck unconscious while in hiding. He was brought forth to the pharaoh. Abdul saw the smoking wreckage of the town, bodies littered the streets, most of them slowly being devoured by the Apepentine something Adbul read about in books. As the last living being left the pharaoh wanted to pleasure of taking his life. Abdul not only being a master of history is rather cunning and cruel person himself. He begged and pleaded with the Great Ahkmenasptek. All of which did nothing to sway him. That was until an interesting offer was put forth. The offer was for Abdul Kek-Sebak to become the pharaohs herald. But not a normal Herald one who would go into negations amongst the living. He would try and coax townships and cities to follow and worship the pharaoh. Ahkmenasptek's goal is not destruction, it is power. The Power of his eternal rule and the prospect of ruling over mortal cities intrigued the great pharaoh. Although, Abdul had to prove himself a loyal follower. Tossing him a dagger he was about to use to take Abdul’s life the pharaoh instructed Abdul to cut himself with the dagger. He did...but the pharaoh was not content with one mere cut. Adbul begin to cut himself almost daily. Ritualistically to prove his loyalty and the dagger was no ordinary one ether. It would notify the pharaoh with each slash to Abdul's flesh. If he stopped he pharaoh would know and use that dagger to final cut.

Pharaonic Servants class 1-4
With Ahkmenasptek's freewill he has also gained control of a pocket of Wraiths that were the dead servants and followers whom he had in life. They dress in desert attire. The robes of royals and peasants alike, are now mere tattered cloth, which clings freely to the servants. The servants have the powers of both desert winds and sand. This means they can if in danger blow away with a strong gust, or use it to land several near invisible attacks. As a Pharaoh he utilizes these wraiths to do his work for him. He will only venture out to accomplish a goal if his servants are to incompetent or fail. Good help is so hard to find.

Revolting serpentine creatures brought forth by ancient magics. These monsters serve the great Pharaoh Ahkmenasptek. He whom has summoned them forth for the purpose furthering his conquest of the desert lands of Egypt if not all of Africa. These wicked things come from a deep part of the Egyptian netherworld titled The Valley of Shadows. Fearsome beasts and terrible nightmares lurk on this plane waiting to be pulled from their residence to inflict a mass evil and sorrow upon the world...that or to state their insatiable appetite for the flesh, bones and souls of the living.

Marquis de Lunacidal (class 9)
The Marquis de Lunacidal is the overseer of the Regal wraiths. The Marquis is thought house the spirit of the twisted soul of the french libertine the Marquis de Sade. The Marquis is one of the few wraiths with higher thinking, retainment of speech(can speak English, Latin, German and flawless french, and his Italian is a little rusty). As the Marquis controls the Regal class wraiths he himself is a elevated Regal Wraith, a combination of Faustian Ungentlemen and LadyKiller. The Marquis is said to have been human once, not de Sade but a french libertine nevertheless. Rumours have it he knew the Wraith Queen and she herself was once human. It is said they we're young sweethearts. Her family of royal blood, his noble. They we're fated to marry but something occurred. The rumours stop at that, also anyone caught spreading or listening to such rumours is quickly dealt with. However, there are times people have noted a strangle glance the Marquis might cast at the Wraith Queen, or a faraway look in her eyes as if she is remembering something, sometimes people swear they say they've heard both of them sigh, softly to themselves. Content or upset, with events long since past.

Chieftain Magne Skullfrost (class 9)
During the 'old days', the Nordic Vikings of Scandinavia were notorious for their brutality and cruelty. Coastal raids were a frequent occurrence during this time in the more rural areas of the United Kingdom. Pillaging, murder, and other horrid acts were done by these vicious men to innocent villages and trade vessels. One of the most powerful chieftains at the time was a Magne Skullfrost who was the founder of the Skullfrost Clan. They were more ruthless then others vikings in their exploits. Until one frigid winter's night, during a fierce storm; which the Skullfrost clan usually use as cover for a raid, their ships reinforced to the tee. They came across a Chinese trade ship that had sailed very far off course. The men and crew of trade ship were not prepared or equipped for traversing in such weather so the Skullfrost clan (Magne's own ship filled with elite warriors, supposedly his own family as well) saw these merchants as prime targets for pillaging. Once they were on board they proceeded to slaughter the crew. Magne, himself chases down a lone cabin boy into the ships bowels where precious gunpowder was being stored. It is also where Magne clashed blades with a swordsman who was escorting the ship. As their blades smashed against each other, the sparks from their swords ignited some gunpowder from a barrel a drunken sailor had knocked over early. Within minutes the flame reached the other barrels blowing the ship to pieces. Magne, his warriors, bodies of the slaughtered Chinamen and all ships sank into the cold and icy waters. Chieftain Skullfrost is in fact a elevated frost wraith. He along with the Shogun, Fear King and Marquis are among the Wraith Queen's wraith generals.

Tomi-Shi the Shogun Wraith class 9
Spirit of the Shogun, Tomi-Shi know as the "Red Death" once was the Yokai King's highest ranking general. However as the cult started to expand it's dominance and experimenting with multidimensional travel they stumbled into the Demon King's parallel Japanese realm. The cult decided that such a force would be a worthy ally. As such, many ambassadors we're sent to try and convince the King their goals are very similar. The Wraith Queen herself went in to take directly with the Demon King. He agreed that his kingdom would ally with the Cult. As a show of good faith the King gave the cult Tomi-shi, a suit of ancient armour that was given life by the King's sorcerers. In truth they used a spirit of a long dead shogun whom was lead astray by the Yurei nuns. Japense, Tomi = red, shi = Death

Infernal Admiral Hadeson & Vice Admiral Typhoon (Class 8 and & respectively)
Some time in the late 1930's lived a man who was hated, feared, respected and at one point even loved. His name was William I. Hadeson Admiral of a Brooklyn class cruiser. He was a tactical genius as well he was a raving lunatic; whose orders cost hundreds, if not thousands of sailors’ lives, enemy and ally alike. He ran one of the tightest ships anyone could see, he once beat a man nearly inches from death, because he had spilled pea soup in the mess hall. His word was law on his ship, his crew hated him. The vice admiral was just as sadistic. He enjoyed torturing the crew, making outlandish orders and generally making the ship a floating hell. Which given the name of the ship seemed quiet fitting, USS Lucifer's Fury. The one thing that made the Admiral so respected(by others not of his chew) was the fact out of all the sailing and sea faring men, he was by far the least superstitious. Some say this is what lead to his undoing. During one voyage the chew notice something off the starboard side. The admiral took out his telescope and saw it. The Flying Dutchman, the chew was filled with shock and awe. They all protested they return to port as fast as possible. The admiral merely laughed at their pathetic request and went full steam ahead. Later that night he was eating in his quarters with his vice admiral. Out of nowhere a mass storm system seemed to materialize without warning. It pounded the ship, the vice admiral went out on deck to see what was amiss when a bolt of lightning struck the ship. One of the masts began to fall the vice admiral dodged it narrowly but slipped on the wet deck and slid into the ocean. After which the ship was struck several more times by lightning until it caught fire and soon afterward sank beneath the waves. Her Admiral cowering in his cabin, the man who installed fear became the man crippled by fear.

The Wraith Queen when searching for more souls to twist and corrupt, came upon and sunken vassal. She searched through its flooded corridors and found a ghost whom was weeping in a corner of what looked like the admiral's cabin. After learning of his fate she told him she could take away his fear and sorrow and give him great untold power. He at first was reluctant until the Wraith Queen reunited the Admiral with this Vice Admiral. The Queen gave them both new unlife in return for complete loyalty. She gave the Vice Admiral minor control of the elements that killed him, the rolling waves, terrible storms and gale force winds. The Admiral wanted only 2 things, the first and most important was to have his great ship back. She made good on this, she brought forth from the icy deeps, the crippled, water logged, and broken USS Lucifer's Fury to the water's surface. With that she located all the souls lost aboard her. Even in death Hadeson's crew would never find peace. The ship now itself is a "living" entity. The now Infernal Admiral Hadeson, Vice Admiral Typhoon (dubbed by the undead crew), USS Lucifer's Fury and all her souls prowl the waters, attacking any other vessels they find.

The Admiral's Infernal Crew
When the USS Lucifer's Fury sank, she took with her all souls on board. Not a single man aboard escaped death's cold and icy grip. When the ship and her admiral we're resurrected by the wraith queen, she brought back Hadeson's crew from the void as well. hundreds of angry souls we're pulled from their slumber. Angry at the living, angry at the sea and although they'd never speak out of turn, they we're also angry at the Admiral and the Wraith queen for not letting them rest in peace. There is a difference however between a true wraith and the Admiral's Infernal Crew. Unlike wraiths, born of dark energies and negative aura supplied by the queen, these ethereal sailors are simply the spirits of those whom had died. The queen merely coaxed the ghosts from their watery grave to once again serve the Infernal Admiral. So the crew are technically not wraiths, but simple ghosts under the control of a unique wraith.

The Wraith Queen (Class 10)
She is Pure Concentrated Evil Energy. With no corporeal body to speak of (they say she can feel no pain...ever) If need be she can take her energy from her the clothes and items and transport it elsewhere. Upon doing this the the said items fall to the ground in a big heap from having nothing to hold them up any more. This proves a very useful defense mechanism and could very well explain her long "Existence". Every wraith holds some of the queen's Dark Energies. So in essence she is given birth to every known wraith. Her age is unknown. It is assumed she was the very first Wraith. Some believe she herself transcends time and is from another Dimension. She seems to aid The Cult quite willingly. Apparently he was only too happy to assist any evil organization. Through our History she has made other appearances. Always aiding those willing enough to be...well...Evil.

Hollow Sands
What is the one thing, other then eating and breathing, humans and every living thing have in common? The need for sleep. Humans spend a great deal on this earth in another realm, the realm of dreams and nightmares. As many are aware, the Sandmen(as most often they appear as males) help humans to sleep, through use of magical sands. Knowing full well humans are most vulnerable while in "dreamland" the cult decided to see if these Sandmen could to used as weapons against the living. The Hollow Sands, (as they lack a clear representation, whether they are male or female) were created. Some were made via the corruption(and capture) of real Sandmen, while others were "artificial" in their construct. The main problem of the Hollow Sands is their unpredictability. The realm of sleep, of dreams and the subconscious mind was far to complex for the cult to control. Thus Hollow Sands act as if though they possess free will. Some of them will turn and attack their masters, while others will harm an intended target. Then some of them, retaining their former memories, even the artificial ones, will go about through the world of dreams, acting as if no evil ever befell them and just help people sleep. All of this taken into account, the cult decided against creating any more Hollow Sands they had. The now are very elusive creatures, appear at random and with varying dispositions. They are now a neutral being, nether on the side of good or evil. Hollow Sands dwell primary in the sleep or dream realms, which are various and some comprehensible to the waking mind. Their powers can be anything just from using they Golden Sleep Sands, to create dreams, nightmares, weapons, "living things. Basically they are only limited by the dream and as such are nearly limitless in power. Being as such, they deify classification or rank. One might encounter such a creature in your dream and be unharmed by it. Where as others may not be so lucky. You know what they say, if you die in a dream, you die for real.

The Shadow's Chaos Priest
Semi-powerful users of magic of Necromancy mostly but dabble in other areas of black magic. They are the overseers of the Cult. Of course they obey a group of much more powerful masters. The Priests are blind folded so they are always in darkness. The mitres they wear are possessed by minor demons which through the demon's eyes can the Priest's see. The Priests were once human but give up a fraction of their humanity once joining the cult. In the Ritual of Allegiance a rite preformed to induct new members into the vile priesthood a part of the person's soul is offered up to a demon of their choice. In exchange the demon infects that person changing one or more of their physical attributes most often horns begin to grow, fingers may become claws, feet might form into hooves or talons and a tail of some kind might grow. The infection does not spread throughout the whole of the host's body however. In rare cases it does the priest then transcends into a full demon, depending on the power of said person they may become lesser or a greater demon. Most often they become a member of the demon order they chose to sacrifice part of their soul to.
(the priest shown gave his soul to the goetic demon Malphas)

Pumpking, the Ultimate Weapon
It is what it is. The Ultimate Weapon. It rampages through cities and cannot be stopped till the city lays in ruin. He achieves his goal in various manners. But is favorite is the large clever like blade he wields. He can use it to slash buildings clear in half. He will use his fists and feet to. Several Chaos Priests are needed to finally bring the creature under control after he is loosed unto a city. Little does anyone realize that the Pumpking is actuality an enormous Wraith. This is the reason for the Wraiths to gather and feed upon negative emotions. They accumulate into a viscous sludge. That sludge is then given a extra does of dark power. The sludge begins to grow and grow and grow until it forms into a massive creature of pure bile and destruction.
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