MH: Sei Rene Picture

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One of my Monster High OCs (the one I'm actually proud of) Sei Rene. (Pronounced siren) The daughter of the Siren from Greek Mythology.

Name: Sei (I prefer Sy) Rene
Monster Parent: The Siren
Age: 17,000
Killer Style: I love any shade of blue, feathers & flowing fabrics.
Freaky Flaw: My singing is hypnotic to humans. They always end up crashing ships into the island I live on.
Favorite color: Blue, any shade.
Favorite food: Fish & fruit
Biggest Pet peeve: I'm pretty impasive. I don't really have a peeve.
Favorite activity: Singing is my passion, though I tend to attract a little too much attention.
Pet: A bird by the name of Orpheus.
Best friends: Seraphin, Abigale, Dominic, Deuce, & others
Favorite school subject: Ge-orge-phy
Least favorite school subject: Biology Lab.

Base used: [link]
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